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The Book of Life is a american film of genre Comedy directed by Jorge R. Gutiérrez released in USA on 17 october 2014 with Channing Tatum

The Book of Life (2014)

The Book of Life
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Here are 2 albums from the soundtrack of film The Book of Life

The Book of Life

Rating: 100% 55555(138 votes)
Release: 26 september 2014
Price: 10.99€
Number of CD: 1
18 tracks
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1Live LifeVarious ArtistsWith the album3min6sdeezer deeyoutubezer
2The Apology SongVarious ArtistsWith the album2min32sdeezer deeyoutubezer
3No Matter Where You AreVarious ArtistsWith the album2min59sdeezer deeyoutubezer
4I Love You Too MuchVarious Artists 1.29€2min35sdeezer deeyoutubezer
5I Will WaitVarious Artists 1.29€1min56sdeezer deeyoutubezer
6MásVarious ArtistsWith the album4min20sdeezer deeyoutubezer
7Cielito LindoVarious Artists 1.29€26sdeezer deeyoutubezer
8CreepVarious Artists 1.29€1min21sdeezer deeyoutubezer
9Can't Help Falling In Love with YouVarious Artists 1.29€52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
10Ecstasy of GoldVarious Artists 1.29€2min5sdeezer deeyoutubezer
11Do Ya Think I'm SexyVarious Artists 1.29€21sdeezer deeyoutubezer
12Just a FriendVarious ArtistsWith the album2min49sdeezer deeyoutubezer
13El Aparato / Land of the RememberingVarious ArtistsWith the album1min47sdeezer deeyoutubezer
14Visiting MotherVarious Artists 1.29€1min43sdeezer deeyoutubezer
15The Apology SongVarious Artists 1.29€2min52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
16No Matter Where You AreVarious Artists 1.29€1min38sdeezer deeyoutubezer
17Te Amo y MásVarious Artists 1.29€2min36sdeezer deeyoutubezer
18Si Puedes PerdonarVarious Artists 1.29€1min44sdeezer deeyoutubezer
℗ 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Reel FX Productions II, LLC. All rights reserved. Under exclusive license to Sony Classical, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

The Book of Life (Original Score Soundtrack)

Rating: 80% 44444(12 votes)
Release: 17 october 2014
Price: 9.99€
Number of CD: 1
29 tracks
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1Special TourGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min2sdeezer deeyoutubezer
2The Book of Life ThemeGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min48sdeezer deeyoutubezer
3The Tale BeginsGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€3min0sdeezer deeyoutubezer
4Visiting MotherGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min41sdeezer deeyoutubezer
5Lullaby ThemeGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min12sdeezer deeyoutubezer
6The MedalGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min8sdeezer deeyoutubezer
7A Lover's TangoGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€37sdeezer deeyoutubezer
8Manolo vs JoaquinGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€51sdeezer deeyoutubezer
9The BoarGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€22sdeezer deeyoutubezer
10Ole!Gustavo Santaolalla 1.29€50sdeezer deeyoutubezer
11The Apology Song DemoGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
12Sanchez Bullfighting HistoryGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min54sdeezer deeyoutubezer
13The Banditos Are Coming!Gustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min26sdeezer deeyoutubezer
14Maria is GoneGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min1sdeezer deeyoutubezer
15El Aparato / Land of the RememberingGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min46sdeezer deeyoutubezer
16The Sanchez ClanGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€31sdeezer deeyoutubezer
17Reunited With MotherGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min21sdeezer deeyoutubezer
18I Love You Too Much DemoGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min36sdeezer deeyoutubezer
19Going to See La MuerteGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€58sdeezer deeyoutubezer
20Maria Agrees to Marry Joaquin / Traveling to the Cave of SoulsGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min29sdeezer deeyoutubezer
21The MazeGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min10sdeezer deeyoutubezer
22Welcome to the Cave of SoulsGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€55sdeezer deeyoutubezer
23The Book of Life Theme 2Gustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min2sdeezer deeyoutubezer
24He Gave Him the MedalGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min50sdeezer deeyoutubezer
25A WagerGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min2sdeezer deeyoutubezer
26ChakalGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€1min31sdeezer deeyoutubezer
27Victory / Don't Forget MeGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min51sdeezer deeyoutubezer
28Manolo is AliveGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min44sdeezer deeyoutubezer
29The Apology Song Latino AmericanoGustavo Santaolalla 1.29€2min32sdeezer deeyoutubezer
℗ 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation under exclusive license to Sony Classical, a division of Sony Music Entertainment