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The Closet is a french film of genre Comedy directed by Francis Veber released in USA on 4 may 2001 with Daniel Auteuil

The Closet (2001)

The Closet
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The Closet (French: Le placard) is a 2001 French comedy film written and directed by Francis Veber. It is about a man who pretends to be homosexual to keep his job, with absurd and unexpected consequences.


François Pignon, an unassuming divorced man with a teenage son who ignores him, lives a quiet and unremarkable life. When he learns he will be fired from his job as an accountant in a rubber factory, he contemplates suicide, but his new neighbor Jean-Pierre Belone, a former industrial psychologist, dissuades him from jumping from his balcony and suggests a way to keep his position. Belone proposes that Pignon start a rumor he is homosexual by inserting his image in sexually provocative snapshots of a gay couple in a bar and anonymously mailing them to his boss, Mr. Kopel. The factory's primary product is condoms, so the gay community's support is essential, and Kopel will have to keep Pignon on the payroll to avoid charges of anti-homosexual bigotry.


Daniel Auteuil

(François Pignon)
Gérard Depardieu

(Félix Santini)
Michèle Laroque

(Miss Bertrand)
Thierry Lhermitte

(Guillaume, the Director of Public Relations)
Jean Rochefort

(Kopel, le directeur de l'usine)
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