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The Color of Love: Jacey's Story is a american film released in USA on 19 march 2000 with Gena Rowlands

The Color of Love: Jacey's Story (2000)

The Color of Love: Jacey's Story
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Released in USA 19 march 2000
Length 2h
Rating64% 3.2456253.2456253.2456253.2456253.245625

La Couleur de l'amour (The Color of Love: Jacey's Story) est un téléfilm américain réalisé par Sheldon Larry et diffusé en 2000.


Gena Rowlands

(Georgia Porter)
Louis Gossett Jr.

(Lou Hastings)
Penny Fuller

(Madeleine Porter)
Sonny Shroyer

(Larry Summer)
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