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The ComDads is a french film of genre Comedy directed by Francis Veber released in USA on 23 november 1983 with Gérard Depardieu

The ComDads (1983)

The ComDads
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Released in USA 23 november 1983
Length 1h29
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Themes La provence,    Buddy films
Rating69% 3.4882753.4882753.4882753.4882753.488275

Les Compères (English title: ComDads) is a 1983 French comedy film written and directed by Francis Veber, and starring Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Richard and Anny Duperey. The film had 4,847,229 admissions in France.

In 1997, this movie was remade as Fathers' Day in the US.



A teenaged boy has run away from home. His father is ineffective at finding him, so his mother contacts two former lovers from around the time her son was conceived, telling them both that the child is their son and asking them to look for him. One of them (Depardieu) is a tough journalist investigating the Mafia, while the other (Richard) is a timid former teacher who was on the verge of committing suicide when he received the telephone call. The two former boyfriends finally meet, and together they locate the son. They both argue who is really the father. In the end the son tells both Depardieu and Richard (while the other is out of earshot) that his mother thinks that he is the father. Thus, the son adopts both of them as his fathers, and also reconciles with his real father.


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