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The Devil Inside is a american film of genre Thriller directed by William Brent Bell released in USA on 6 january 2012 with Suzan Crowley

The Devil Inside (2012)

The Devil Inside
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Released in USA 6 january 2012
Length 1h23
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Horror
Rating42% 2.105242.105242.105242.105242.10524

The Devil Inside, often styled as 'THE DEVIL INSIⱭE', is a 2012 American supernatural horror film directed by William Brent Bell, and written by Bell and Matthew Peterman. It is a documentary-style film about a woman who becomes involved in a series of exorcisms during her quest to determine what happened to her mother, a woman who murdered three people as a result of being possessed by a demon. Produced by Peterman and Morris Paulson, the film stars Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, and Suzan Crowley, and was released theatrically on January 6.

The film topped the US box office on its opening weekend, yet dropped drastically in the second week, before disappearing completely from the box office top ten. Despite critical disdain, it was a huge commercial success and grossed roughly $101 million. It has developed a cult following among horror movie fans.


On October 30, 1989, Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) committed a triple murder during an exorcism performed on her. The Catholic Church became involved, and she has since been in a Catholic psychiatric hospital in Rome. A news story and police investigation show the three members of the clergy whom she murdered. Her daughter, Isabella, learned of the murders from her father, who died three days after telling her.


Suzan Crowley

(Maria Rossi)
John Prosky

(Father Christopher Aimes)
Lelia Goldoni
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