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The Flight of Dragons is a american film of genre Comedy-drama directed by Arthur Rankin Jr. released in USA on 3 august 1986 with John Ritter

The Flight of Dragons (1982)

The Flight of Dragons
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Released in USA 3 august 1986
Length 1h32
Directed by ,    ,    
Genres Comedy-drama,    Fantasy,    Animation
Rating76% 3.8427953.8427953.8427953.8427953.842795

The Flight of Dragons is a 1982 animated film produced by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr. and loosely combining the speculative natural history book of the same name (1979) by Peter Dickinson with the novel The Dragon and the George (1976) by Gordon R. Dickson. The film centres upon a quest undertaken to stop an evil wizard who plans to rule the world by dark magic. A major theme within the story is the question of whether science and magic can co-exist. This is told mostly through the experience of character Peter Dickinson, drawn from the 20th Century into the magical realm.

Released direct to video on August 17, 1982, it was aired as an ABC Channel 'Saturday Night Movie' on August 2, 1986, and released by Warner Brothers as a made-to-order DVD in the US on 17 November 2009 as part of the "Warner Archive Collection".

The opening song is sung by Don McLean.


The 'Green Wizard' Carolinus (Harry Morgan) discovers magic failing as humanity embraces science, and summons his brothers Lo Tae Zhao the Yellow Wizard (Don Messick); Solarius the Blue Wizard (Paul Frees); and Ommadon the Red Wizard (James Earl Jones), accompanied by their dragons Shen Tsu, Lunarian, and Bryagh (James Gregory), before whom he resolves to create a 'Last Realm of Magic' hidden from the rest of the world. Lo Tae Zhao and Solarius consent, but Ommadon instead proposes to take control of the world himself; whereupon the other wizards decide to seize Ommadon's crown, the source of his powers. Because the wizards are forbidden to fight among themselves, they volunteer Carolinus's dragon Gorbash (Bob McFadden when not Ritter-as-Peter) and the knight Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe (Bob McFadden), to do so, with Solarius giving a shield to deflect dark magic and Lo Tae Zhao giving a flute to lull dragons to sleep. Requiring a third protagonist, Carolinus summons Peter Dickinson (John Ritter), a board-game creator and polymath scientist. Having arrived in the past, Peter becomes enamoured of Princess Milisande (Alexandra Stoddart), Carolinus's ward.


John Ritter

(Peter Dickinson)
Nellie Bellflower

Bob McFadden

(Gorbash the Dragon, Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe)
Victor Buono

Don Messick

(Giles of the Treetops / Lo Tae Zhao)
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