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The Fluffer is a american film of genre Drama directed by Richard Glatzer released in USA on 11 february 2001 with Scott Gurney

The Fluffer (2001)

The Fluffer
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Released in USA 11 february 2001
Length 1h35
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Pornographic
Rating56% 2.8035252.8035252.8035252.8035252.803525

The Fluffer, a 2001 American independent film, is a triangular story of obsessive love set against the backdrop of the adult video industry. The film was written by Wash West and co-directed by West and his husband Richard Glatzer. The Fluffer features cameos from a number of figures in the adult entertainment industry, including Ron Jeremy, director Chi Chi LaRue, Karen Dior, Zach Richards, Derek Cameron, Chad Donovan, Thomas Lloyd, Jim Steel, Chris Green and Cole Tucker.

The Fluffer was an official selection of and premiered in 2001 at the 51st Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Berlin International Film Festival). It was also selected for the Toronto International Film Festival that year, where it made its North American debut.


Sean est un jeune homme passionné de classiques du cinéma. Un soir qu'il a loué Citizen Kane, il se rend compte d'une erreur : ce n'est pas le film prévu mais un film pornographique gay, Citizen Cum. Il devient fasciné par l'acteur principal, Johnny Rebel. Il décide d'aller se présenter comme demandeur d'emploi au studio de productions de ses films. Il est engagé comme caméraman. Un jour que Johnny Rebel a une défaillance, Sean remplace son fluffer habituel pour le remettre en forme pour le tournage. Sean tombe amoureux de lui.


Scott Gurney

(Mikey Racini (aka Johnny Rebel))
Taylor Negron

(Tony Brooks)
Richard Riehle

(Sam Martins)
Tim Bagley

(Alan Dieser)
Debbie Harry

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