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The Ghosts Must Be Crazy is a Singapourien film of genre Comedy directed by Mark Lee with Chua En Lai

The Ghosts Must Be Crazy (2011)

The Ghosts Must Be Crazy
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Length 1h37
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Horror comedy,    Horror
Rating52% 2.612042.612042.612042.612042.61204

The Ghosts Must Be Crazy (Chinese: 鬼也笑; pinyin: Guǐ yě xiào) is a 2011 Singaporean comedy horror film directed by Boris Boo and Mark Lee. It was released on 6 January 2011
for a sneak preview and was officially released the next day. The film marks veteran MediaCorp artiste Mark Lee's directorial debut.

The movie content was split into two stories, one on a ghost bride, and one on a day off in the army. The movie also featured some actors from Where Got Ghost?.


Chua En Lai

(commanding officer)
David Bala

(Encik Muthu)
Mark Lee

(Ah Hai)
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