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The Goddess of 1967 is a Australien film of genre Drama directed by Clara Law released in USA on 7 november 2000 with Rose Byrne

The Goddess of 1967 (2000)

The Goddess of 1967
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Released in USA 7 november 2000
Length 1h59
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama,    Romance
Rating69% 3.496523.496523.496523.496523.49652

The Goddess of 1967 is a 2000 Australian film directed by Macau-born Australian Clara Law, who wrote the script with her husband (and previous script collaborator) Eddie Ling-Ching Fong.
The film is about a rich young Japanese man (Rikiya Kurokawa), who travels to Australia with the intention of buying a Citroën DS car (the goddess of the film's title - nicknamed the Déesse, after its initials in French, déesse being French for "goddess") that he has found for sale on the net. Once there things do not quite go as planned ... and he ends up on a road journey with a blind girl (Rose Byrne).

The film was partly filmed in and around Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia.

It won several awards, including Best Actress for Rose Byrne at the 2000 Venice Film Festival and best director at the Chicago Film Festival.

The song from the dance scene between BG and JM is Walk-Don't Run (the 1964 version) by The Ventures. The song is not included on the film's soundtrack, which contains the score by Jen Anderson.


The storyline opens in Tokyo where JM (Rikiya Kurokawa), a rich young IT worker and sometime computer hacker, is attempting to purchase a 1967 model Citroën DS, or Goddess, as it is known to French car aficionados. JM lives in a pristine but unfriendly hi-tech apartment. The smog filled city is blue-grey and bleak. He rarely speaks to his live-in girlfriend and is preoccupied with other possessions—his latest snorkeling gear as well as the pet snakes and other exotic reptiles he keeps in the flat. After tracing, on the Internet, a perfectly restored Citroën owned by a couple in Australia, JM abandons his job and flies out to purchase the rare car, which he thinks can fill the emptiness in his life.


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