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The Gold Rimmed Glasses is a italien film of genre Drama directed by Giuliano Montaldo with Philippe Noiret

The Gold Rimmed Glasses (1987)

Gli occhiali d'oro

The Gold Rimmed Glasses
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Length 1h50
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating71% 3.579423.579423.579423.579423.57942

Gli occhiali d'oro (internationally released as The Gold Rimmed Glasses) is a 1987 Italian drama film directed by Giuliano Montaldo, starring Philippe Noiret, Rupert Everett and Valeria Golino. Set in Ferrara and in a nearby seaside resort in 1938, the plot follows a Jewish student and a homosexual doctor who suffer persecution in Fascist Italy. The film is an adaptation of Giorgio Bassani's novel The Gold Rimmed Spectacles (Gli occhiali d'oro).

It entered the main competition at the 1987 Venice Film Festival, where it won two Golden Osellas for Best Costume Design and Best Set Design. For his soundtrack Ennio Morricone won the David di Donatello for Best Score.


The corpse of a man, drowned in the river Po, is brought to shore by fishermen. The man's broken gold rimmed glasses lay stuck in the mud next to him. His story is told in flashback.


Philippe Noiret

(Dr. Athos Fadigati)
Rupert Everett

(David Lattes)
Stefania Sandrelli

(Signora Lavezzoli)
Valeria Golino

(Nora Treves)
Roberto Herlitzka

(Professor Amos Perugia)
Luca Zingaretti

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