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The Incredible Hulk Returns is a american film of genre Drama directed by Bill Bixby released in USA on 21 may 1988 with Bill Bixby

The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)

The Incredible Hulk Returns
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Released in USA 21 may 1988
Length 1h40
Directed by ,    
Genres Drama,    Science fiction,    Fantasy,    Action,    Adventure
Rating56% 2.80792.80792.80792.80792.8079

The Incredible Hulk Returns is a 1988 television film based on the Marvel Comics character the Hulk, which serves as a continuation of the Incredible Hulk television series.

In The Incredible Hulk Returns, Dr. David Banner, a scientist who transforms into a green monster when enraged, believes that he has found a potential cure, but he is interrupted by the arrival of the arrogant warrior-god Thor, who has been banished from Valhalla. The two then team-up to battle a rising criminal organisation. Bill Bixby returns as Banner and Lou Ferrigno reprises his role of the Hulk. Eric Kramer makes his first and only appearance of Thor and Steve Levitt stars as Donald Blake. This was also Jack Colvin's last appearance as Jack McGee.

This television movie acted as a backdoor pilot for an unproduced television series featuring The Mighty Thor, another Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby based on the mythological deity of the same name. Much like the television treatment of the Hulk, Thor's backstory has been altered from his original comic book appearance: while in the comics Donald Blake and Thor shared the same body and could transform by use of an enchanted cane, Thor is here depicted as being a servant of Blake and they are two separate entities, though he is still depicted as having been banished on Earth by Odin for being an arrogant and irresponsible warrior. His status as the "god of thunder" is unmentioned (though he does once claim to be the "son of Odin"), his powers are heavily limited and his hammer is not restricted by the "worthiness enchantment".

This is the first time another character or element from the Marvel Universe appeared in the milieu of the TV series, the first live-action depiction of Thor until 2011's Thor and the first time that the Hulk and Thor appeared together in live-action before 2012's The Avengers. This is the first and only time that any genuinely supernatural or otherworldly elements have been used in the universe of the Incredible Hulk TV series.


Two years after the episode "A Minor Problem", Dr. David Banner has been gainfully employed at the Joshua-Lambert Research Institute (as David Bannion) where he and a team of scientists are putting the final touches on a Gamma Transponder, which he intends to use to cure him of his ability to turn into the Hulk. He has not changed into the Hulk for two years since he met a young widow, Maggie Shaw, with whom he is romantically involved. By chance, he is recognized by a former student of his, Donald Blake. Blake claims that, on an expedition in the Norwegian mountains, he found an enchanted hammer containing the soul of Thor, an immortal Norse warrior banished by Odin to Earth to earn worthiness into Valhalla. Thor is reluctantly compelled to serve Blake, who is unnerved by this. Banner does not believe him, so Blake summons Thor into Banner's laboratory. Thor damages equipment and angers Banner until he turns into the Hulk, who easily fights him off and leaves.


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