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The Jazz Singer is a american film of genre Drama directed by Michael Curtiz released in USA on 14 february 1953 with Danny Thomas

The Jazz Singer (1953)

The Jazz Singer
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Released in USA 14 february 1953
Length 1h47
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Musical,    Romance
Rating58% 2.9096952.9096952.9096952.9096952.909695

The Jazz Singer is a 1952 remake of the famous 1927 talking picture The Jazz Singer. It starred Danny Thomas, Peggy Lee and Eduard Franz, and was nominated for an Oscar for best musical score. The film follows about the same storyline as the version starring Al Jolson. It was also distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


As Jerry Golding (a young Korean War veteran) scales the heights of show business, he breaks the heart of his father, who had hoped that Jerry would instead follow in the footsteps of six consecutive generations of cantors in their family. Sorrowfully, Cantor David Golding reads the Kaddish service, indicating that, so far as he is concerned, his son is dead. A tearful reconciliation occurs when Jerry dutifully returns to sing the "Kol Nidre" in his ailing father's absence.


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