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The Last Horror Film is a British film of genre Comedy directed by David Winters released in USA on 23 may 1984 with Caroline Munro

The Last Horror Film (1982)

The Last Horror Film
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Released in USA 23 may 1984
Length 1h27
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Horror,    Slasher
Rating56% 2.8011352.8011352.8011352.8011352.801135

The Last Horror Film (also known as Fanatic) is a 1982 American horror comedy film directed by David Winters and starring Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro. The director, David Winters, filmed on location at the Cannes Film Festival.


Vinny Durand (Joe Spinell) is a New York City taxi driver who is obsessed with the international cult actress Jana Bates (Caroline Munro), who is known as the "queen of horror films". Vinny returns home to his apartment where he lives with his mother (played by Joe Spinell's real life mother), where he tells her that he's packing to go to the Cannes Film Festival in France hoping to meet Jana Bates and get her to star in his movie as his career start of being a film director. But his mother calls it just another one of his "crazy ideas."


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