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The Perfect Host is a american film of genre Thriller released in USA on 1 july 2010 with David Hyde Pierce

The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host
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Released in USA 1 july 2010
Length 1h32
Genres Thriller,    Comedy,    Crime,    Black comedy
Rating66% 3.3477553.3477553.3477553.3477553.347755

The Perfect Host is a 2010 American black comedy/psychological thriller film written and directed by Nick Tomnay, a remake of Tomnay's 2001 short film The Host. The film stars David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford. Filming took place in Los Angeles, California. It was filmed in 17 days.


Fugitive John Taylor flees an initially unspecified crime, with a wounded foot. (Flashbacks and news reports reveal he robbed a bank, in collusion with his girlfriend Simone, who was a teller in the bank.) He stops in a convenience store for some disinfectant, just moments before it is robbed; he manages to turn the tables on the robber, but she gets away with his wallet. The store's TV identifies John and his car, so he quickly ditches it, proceeding on foot into an expensive neighborhood. With a sob story about being mugged, he gains entry to the house of Warwick Wilson. John poses as a friend of one of Warwick's friends after he found a postcard in the mailbox outside from a woman named "Julia". Warwick is preparing a dinner party. John makes small talk and drinks red wine while trying to figure out his next move, and how to keep his lies from being found out. When the radio news makes an announcement about John, he angrily shushes Warwick, revealing himself. John threatens to kill Warwick if he doesn't cooperate and forces him to call his guests to cancel. Suddenly, John keels over; the wine has been drugged, and Warwick is not the person he seems.


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