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The Roaring Road is a american film of genre Drama directed by James Cruze released in USA on 26 april 1919 with Wallace Reid

The Roaring Road (1919)

The Roaring Road
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Released in USA 26 april 1919
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy
Rating66% 3.342393.342393.342393.342393.34239

The Roaring Road is a 1919 American silent action romance film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is taken from the short stories by Byron Morgan; Junkpile Sweepstakes, Undertaker's Handicap, and Roaring Road.

This film was so successful that it spawned a sequel, Excuse My Dust, from stories by the same author. This film is available on Video and or DVD from online sources.


As described in a film magazine, "Toodles" Waldron (Reid), an automobile salesman who works for a sporty old automobile distributor J. D. Ward (Roberts), has racing ambitions and is in love with Ward's daughter Dorothy (Little). The old man does not propose to give her up for five years and overreaches in an attempt to stimulate the young man with feigned complaints. They part company, but Ward is in despair when three racing machines are damaged in a train wreck. Toodles buys the wreckage and assembles one complete car with the aid of his mechanic. With this car Toodles wins an important race, and holds up Ward for an increase in pay. There are just a few days left for a record to be broken between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and after Toodles is arrested for speeding, Ward has him released as part of his plot to break this record. Ward kidnaps his own daughter, and Toodles comes to the rescue and breaks the record, and also wins Dorothy.


Wallace Reid

(Walter Thomas 'Toodles' Walden)
Ann Little

(Dorothy Ward, the Cub)
Theodore Roberts

(J.D. Ward, the Bear)
Guy Oliver

(Tom Darby)
Gustav von Seyffertitz

(Undetermined Role (uncredited) (unconfirmed))
Clarence Geldart

(Fred Wheeler)
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