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The Shadow Returns is a american film of genre Crime directed by William Beaudine released in USA on 16 february 1946 with Kane Richmond

The Shadow Returns (1946)

The Shadow Returns
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Released in USA 16 february 1946
Length 1h1
Directed by ,    
Genres Crime
Rating57% 2.8832552.8832552.8832552.8832552.883255

The Shadow Returns is a 1946 American comedy crime film directed by Phil Rosen and starring Kane Richmond, Barbara Read and Tom Dugan. It features the pulp character The Shadow, already a popular hero of novels and a radio show. It was the first in a series of three films released by Monogram in 1946 starring Richmond in the role.


Private detective Lamont Cranston steps in to solve a murder for the police with the assistance of his alter ego The Shadow.


Kane Richmond

(Lamont Cranston)
Barbara Read

(Margo Lane (as Barbara Reed))
Tom Dugan

Joseph Crehan

(Police Insp. Cardona)
Pierre Watkin

(Police Commissioner J.R. Weston)
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