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The Sovereign's Servant is a russe film of genre Action directed by Oleg Ryaskov released in USA on 3 march 2007 with Aleksey Chadov

The Sovereign's Servant (2007)

russe : Слуга государев (Le serviteur du souverain)

The Sovereign's Servant
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Released in USA 3 march 2007
Length 2h7
Directed by
Genres Action,    Adventure,    Historical
Rating59% 2.997972.997972.997972.997972.99797

The Sovereign's Servant (Russian: Слуга государев, Sluga Gosudarev, Ukrainian: Слуга Государів, Sluha Hosudariv) is a 2007 Russian war film written and directed by Oleg Ryaskov. It depicts the events of the Great Northern War, with a particular focus on the Battle of Poltava.


The action takes place at the time of the Swedish-Russian war of 1709. The King of France, Louis XIV, sends two duelists into exile: Antoine De La Bouche (Valery Malikov) is ordered to go to the camp of the King, Charles XII, of the Swedes and Charles de Brézé (Dmitry Miller) is sent to the camp of the Russian Tsar, Peter the First. Both Frenchmen face various dangers along their way. They witness the grand battle of Poltava from opposite sides. Court plots and romantic adventures stay in the past as both our milksops are plunged head first in the boiling pot of war and the horrors it brings into their lives, until they face on the Battle of Poltava.


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