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The Square Peg is a British film of genre War directed by John Paddy Carstairs with Honor Blackman

The Square Peg (1958)

The Square Peg
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Length 1h25
Genres War,    Comedy
Rating68% 3.445883.445883.445883.445883.44588

The Square Peg is a 1959 British comedy film starring Norman Wisdom and directed by John Paddy Carstairs. Norman Wisdom plays two different characters: a man who digs and repairs roads, and a Nazi General.


In the early days of World War II, Norman Pitkin, a roadmender with St Godric's Borough Council, falls foul of the soldiers in an army camp, when his handiwork slows down access to the camp. Despite the efforts of Borough Engineer, Mr Grimsdale, the army has both of them called up for army service. They find themselves in the Pioneer Corps, doing much the same sort of work.


Honor Blackman

(Lesley Cartland)
Norman Wisdom

(Norman Pitkin / General Schreiber)
Edward Chapman

(Mr Grimsdale)
Campbell Singer

(Sergeant Loder)
Hattie Jacques

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