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The Tollbooth is a film of genre Comedy released in USA on 22 october 2004 with Marla Sokoloff

The Tollbooth (2004)

The Tollbooth
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Released in USA 22 october 2004
Length 1h25
Genres Comedy
Rating59% 2.963032.963032.963032.963032.96303

The Tollbooth is a Heritage Overcoming film (2004) directed by Debra Kirschner about a young artist struggling to forge her own identity in the big city, while her Jewish parents keep watch from just over the bridge in Brooklyn.

^ Catsoulis, Jeannette (February 2006). "The Tollbooth - Movie - Review - NY Times". The New York Times. Retrieved July 3.


Marla Sokoloff

(Sarabeth Cohen)
Idina Menzel

(Raquel Cohen-Flaxman)
Tovah Feldshuh

(Ruthie Cohen)
Ronald Guttman

(Isaac Cohen)
Rob McElhenney

(Simon Stanton)
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