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The Toolbox Murders is a american film of genre Thriller released in USA on 15 march 1978 with Wesley Eure

The Toolbox Murders (1978)

The Toolbox Murders
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Released in USA 15 march 1978
Length 1h33
Genres Thriller,    Horror,    Slasher
Rating53% 2.6546552.6546552.6546552.6546552.654655

The Toolbox Murders is a 1978 crime mystery thriller film directed by Dennis Donnelly, and written by Ann Kindberg, Robert Easter, and Neva Friedenn. The film was marketed as being a dramatization of a true story, and was infamously listed as a "video nasty". In 2004, it was remade as Toolbox Murders.


A man dressed in black drives through Los Angeles, and flashes back to a girl dying in a car accident. The man arrives at an apartment complex, and kills a female tenant (who recognizes him) with a drill. Afterward, the man dons a ski mask, and murders two other women, the first with a hammer, and the second with a screwdriver. The police are called, and they interview the people who found the bodies, as well as Vance Kingsley, the owner of the building. The next night, the killer strikes again, breaking into the apartment of a woman who is masturbating in her bathtub, and shooting her in the stomach and head with a nail gun. The murderer then abducts Laurie Ballard, a fifteen-year-old who lives in the above apartment with her family.


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