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The Truman Show is a american film of genre Drama directed by Peter Weir released in USA on 5 june 1998 with Jim Carrey

The Truman Show (1998)

The Truman Show
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Here are the album from the soundtrack of film The Truman Show

The Truman Show (Music from the Motion Picture)

Rating: 100% 55555(58 votes)
Release: 6 july 2011
Price: 6.99€
Number of CD: 1
21 tracks
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1TrutalkBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min20sdeezer deeyoutubezer
2It's a LifeBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min30sdeezer deeyoutubezer
3AquaphobiaBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€40sdeezer deeyoutubezer
4Dreaming of FijiBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min55sdeezer deeyoutubezer
5FlashbackBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min21sdeezer deeyoutubezer
6Anthem, Pt. 2 (From "Powaqqatsi")Burkhard Dallwitz 0.99€3min52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
7The Beginning (From "Anima Mundi")Burkhard Dallwitz 0.99€4min11sdeezer deeyoutubezer
8Piano Concerto 1 In E Minor, Op. 11: II. Romance (Larghetto) [Chopin]Burkhard DallwitzWith the album10min46sdeezer deeyoutubezer
9DriveBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€3min36sdeezer deeyoutubezer
10UndergroundBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€58sdeezer deeyoutubezer
11Do SomethingBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€46sdeezer deeyoutubezer
12Living Waters (From "Anima Mundi")Burkhard Dallwitz 0.99€3min49sdeezer deeyoutubezer
13ReunionBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€2min27sdeezer deeyoutubezer
14Truman SleepsBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min52sdeezer deeyoutubezer
15Truman Sets SailBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€1min57sdeezer deeyoutubezer
16Underground (Storm)Burkhard Dallwitz 0.99€3min38sdeezer deeyoutubezer
17Raising the SailBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€2min15sdeezer deeyoutubezer
18Father Kolbe's PreachingBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€2min27sdeezer deeyoutubezer
19Opening (From "Mishima")Burkhard Dallwitz 0.99€2min17sdeezer deeyoutubezer
20A New LifeBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€2min1sdeezer deeyoutubezer
21Twentieth Century BoyBurkhard Dallwitz 0.99€3min7sdeezer deeyoutubezer
℗ 1998 Paramount Pictures / Editions Milan Music