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The Truman Show is a american film of genre Drama directed by Peter Weir released in USA on 5 june 1998 with Jim Carrey

The Truman Show (1998)

The Truman Show
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Trailer VO (2min33s)

The Truman Show - Trailer


Excerpt (2min54s)

Excerpt (1min6s)

"Trumania" scene - The Truman Show.
Excerpt (39s)

The Truman Show- Who Are You Talking To?
Excerpt (1min47s)

truman show main 2
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Extrait The Truman Show
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ejemplo de musica clasica en el cine
Excerpt (2min55s)

Extrait Truman Show-Un ami qui vous veut du bien.
Excerpt VF (1min47s)

The Truman Show - Bande Annonce