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The Valet is a french film of genre Comedy directed by Francis Veber released in USA on 6 june 2006 with Daniel Auteuil

The Valet (2006)

La Doublure

The Valet
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Released in USA 6 june 2006
Length 1h25
Directed by
Genres Comedy
Rating65% 3.28753.28753.28753.28753.2875

The Valet (French: La Doublure) is a 2006 French comedy film written and directed by Francis Veber and starring Gad Elmaleh, Alice Taglioni, Daniel Auteuil, and Kristin Scott Thomas. The screenplay focuses on a parking valet who is enlisted to pretend to be the lover of a famous fashion model in order to deflect attention from her relationship with a married businessman.

The film was remade as Do Knot Disturb in 2009, starring Indian model Lara Dutta and Govinda.


Pierre Levasseur is a wealthy married Parisian executive involved in an affair with top model Elena Simonsen. When a paparazzo catches the two of them departing their secret hideaway and their photograph is published on the front page of the local newspaper, Pierre's wife Christine confronts him. He claims he has no idea who the woman is, and that she must have been a companion of the man seen walking beside them. Fully aware of Pierre's difficult situation, Elena gives him an ultimatum: he must choose between her and his wife. Because Christine is the majority shareholder of his business, Pierre is in danger of losing his fortune if he divorces her. His lawyer Maître Foix advises him the only way to resolve the issue is to find the anonymous man in the photo and have him pose as Elena's lover.


Daniel Auteuil

(Pierre Levasseur)
Gad Elmaleh

(François Pignon)
Alice Taglioni

(Elena Simonsen)
Kristin Scott Thomas

(Christine Levasseur)
Richard Berry

(Maître Foix)
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