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The Woman in White is a film of genre Drama directed by Ernest C. Warde released in USA on 1 july 1917 with Florence La Badie

The Woman in White (1917)

The Woman in White
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Released in USA 1 july 1917
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating70% 3.524323.524323.524323.524323.52432

The Woman in White is a 1917 American drama film that was directed by Ernest C. Warde. It comprises five reels of 4,627 feet and had its premiere on July 1, 1917. Length: 1 hour 8 minutes. The film was originally distributed by Pathé. In the 1920s it was re-released under the title The Unfortunate Marriage.


As described in a film magazine review, Laura Fairlie (Florence La Badie) marries Sir Pervival Glyde (Richard R. Neill) as a result of her father's last request. Shortly after her marriage, Ann Catherick (also played by Florence La Badie), known as the "woman in white" and who resembles Laura, comes to Laura and tells her of Glyde's past, making Laura unhappy. Marian (Gertrude Dallas), Laura's half sister, learns from Laura the true state of affairs and decides to keep an eye on Sir Pervival. Through the efforts of Marian, Laura is saved from an unhappy fate.


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