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They Called Him Bulldozer is a italien film of genre Comedy directed by Michele Lupo released in USA on 5 october 1978 with Bud Spencer

They Called Him Bulldozer (1978)

Lo chiamavano Bulldozer

They Called Him Bulldozer
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Released in USA 5 october 1978
Length 1h50
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Action
Rating67% 3.3513753.3513753.3513753.3513753.351375

Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (internationally released as Bulldozer, They Call Him Bulldozer and Uppercut) is a 1978 Italian action- comedy film directed by Michele Lupo.


Bulldozer is a sailor and a retired American football superstar; landed by accident in the port of Livorno, he is involved in a sport challenge.


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