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Ties to Rachel is a film of genre Drama with Arija Bareikis

Ties to Rachel (1997)

Ties to Rachel
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Genres Drama
Rating71% 3.550573.550573.550573.550573.55057

Ties to Rachel is a 1997 drama film directed, written and produced by Jon Resnik.


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Tyaag (1977)

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The story begins in the Central Jail, where a prisoner (Raza Murad) being hanged in the morning is desperately bewailing his fate. His fears are soothed somewhat by another inmate named Chetan (Rajesh Khanna) who tells him that he is not dying but starting a new life elsewhere in a body free from sin. The principle comforts the prisoner and jail inmate becomes happy. Chetan has served a 10-year-long sentence for murder and is about to be released early for good behavior. The Jailor (Murad) is curious how such an obviously empathetic and honest man as Chetan has proved to be could be a murderer as well, and he asks Chetan to explain. Initially Chetan refuses gently but then starts disclosing his past.