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Time of Favor is a israelien film of genre Drama directed by Joseph Cedar with Aki Avni

Time of Favor (2000)

Time of Favor
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Length 1h42
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller
Rating66% 3.3434453.3434453.3434453.3434453.343445

Time of Favor (in Hebrew, Ha-hesder) is Israeli writer-director Joseph Cedar's 2000 debut film, starring Aki Avni. The film plays out a psychologically complex love triangle in the middle of terrorist conflict in Israel's West Bank.

The New York Times called it an "art house thriller," and the Los Angeles Times said it was "one of the most successful contemporary Israeli films."


In Time of Favor Manachem, a handsome, stoic soldier in the Israeli Defense Force, is offered his own unit, made up of fellow students from Rabbi Meltzer’s West Bank Yeshiva. At the same time, Rabbi Meltzer plays matchmaker with his daughter, Michal, and star student Pini. It’s no surprise that Michal, strong-willed and independent, prefers Manachem’s silent strength to Pini’s over excitement. The love triangle knots up and the political tension raises throughout the film until everyone’s allegiances are tested in the end.


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