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To Be or Not to Be is a american film of genre Drama directed by Ernst Lubitsch released in USA on 6 march 1942 with Carole Lombard

To Be or Not to Be (1942)

To Be or Not to Be
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Released in USA 6 march 1942
Length 1h39
Directed by
Genres Drama,    War,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama,    Historical
Rating81% 4.0974754.0974754.0974754.0974754.097475

To Be or Not to Be is a 1942 American comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch, about a troupe of actors in Nazi-occupied Warsaw who use their abilities at disguise and acting to fool the occupying troops. It was adapted by Lubitsch (uncredited) and Edwin Justus Mayer from the story by Melchior Lengyel. The film stars Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack, Felix Bressart, Lionel Atwill, Stanley Ridges and Sig Ruman. The film was released two months after actress Carole Lombard was killed in an airplane crash.

The title is a reference to the famous "To be, or not to be" soliloquy in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Before the 1939 invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, the stars of a theater company in Warsaw are the "ham" Josef Tura (Jack Benny) and his beautiful wife, Maria (Carole Lombard). As part of the company's rehearsal of a play satirizing the Nazis, one of the actors, Bronski (Tom Dugan), takes to the street to prove that he looks like Hitler in his costume and makeup. People gawk at the appearance of the Nazi dictator in Warsaw, until a young girl asks for the autograph of "Mr. Bronski."


Carole Lombard

(Maria Tura)
Jack Benny

(Joseph Tura)
Robert Stack

(Lieut. Stanislav Sobinski)
Sig Ruman

(Col. Ehrhardt)
Felix Bressart

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