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Trivial is a french film of genre Thriller directed by Sophie Marceau released in USA on 23 may 2007 with Christophe Lambert

Trivial (2007)

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Released in USA 23 may 2007
Length 1h43
Directed by
Genres Thriller
Rating49% 2.462812.462812.462812.462812.46281

Trivial (French: La disparue de Deauville) is a 2007 French crime drama film directed by Sophie Marceau and starring Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, and Nicolas Briançon. Written by Marceau, Gianguido Spinelli, and Jacques Deschamps, the film is about a police inspector, struggling with depression following his wife's death, who investigates a suspicious missing person's case at the request of a mysterious woman. Filmed on location in Normandy, France, Trivial is the second feature-length motion picture directed by actress Sophie Marceau.


Lt. Jacques Renard (Christopher Lambert) is struggling with depression following the untimely death of his beloved wife, Chloé. After six months in a mental hospital following a suicide attempt, the disheveled and lonely Le Havre police lieutenant is still haunted by visions of his wife. One day, Renard finds a mysterious woman (Sophie Marceau) waiting for him in his car. She implores him to visit the manager of the Hotel Normandy, Antoine Bérangère (Robert Hossein), in nearby Deauville in Room 401. She insists that only Renard can help her, and then leaves.


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