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True Women is a american film of genre Drama directed by Karen Arthur released in USA on 18 may 1997 with Dana Delany

True Women (1997)

True Women
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Released in USA 18 may 1997
Length 2h34
Directed by
Genres Drama,    War,    Thriller,    Action,    Historical,    Romance,    Western
Rating67% 3.3964653.3964653.3964653.3964653.396465

True Women is a 1997 CBS miniseries based on the 1993 novel by Janice Woods Windle directed by Karen Arthur, starring Dana Delany, Annabeth Gish, Angelina Jolie, Julie Carmen, Tina Majorino and Rachael Leigh Cook. It was filmed in Austin, San Antonio, and McDade, Texas. The series covers five decades, from the Texas Revolution through Native American uprisings and the Civil War to the early stages of the women's suffrage movement.


The story starts with young Euphemia Texas Ashby (Tina Majorino) and her older sister Sara McClure (Dana Delany). When Euphemia gets back to the house from picking flowers she finds out that Sam Houston is coming to the house. Santa Anna is on his way so they must head east in the Runaway Scrape. While they attempt to cross a river Sara suffers from a miscarriage while her young son Little Johnnie dies in Euphemia's arms. Many other young and old Texans die and Euphemia is almost lost in a sea of graves. After a month and a week, Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna's army and Texas is reborn as the Republic of Texas. They now live in a new home with their horses. Their sisters Fannie and Jane Isabella come to live with them after their father dies at sea. They are very different from Sara and Phemie (Annabeth Gish) and must adapt to their new brutal life.


Dana Delany

(Sarah McClure)
Annabeth Gish

(Euphemia Ashby (adult))
Angelina Jolie

(Georgia Virginia Lawshe Woods)
Julie Carmen

(Cherokee Lawshe)
Rachael Leigh Cook

(Georgia Lawshe (young))
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