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Vincent & Theo is a film of genre Drama directed by Robert Altman released in USA on 2 december 1990 with Tim Roth

Vincent & Theo (1990)

Vincent & Theo
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Released in USA 2 december 1990
Length 2h15
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Biography
Rating68% 3.447143.447143.447143.447143.44714

Vincent & Theo is a 1990 biographical drama film directed by Robert Altman, starring Tim Roth and Paul Rhys. The movie is an exploration of the relationship between Vincent van Gogh and his art dealer brother, Theo.

Originally a four-hour mini-series for the BBC, Robert Altman and writer Julian Mitchell were able to pare it down to two and a half hours. The production saved money by hiring art students to reproduce Van Gogh's masterpieces.


Une évocation de la vie du peintre maudit Vincent van Gogh et de ses rapports avec son frère Théodore, qui fit tout pour le soutenir.


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