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Waltzes from Vienna is a British film of genre Drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock with Esmond Knight

Waltzes from Vienna (1934)

Waltzes from Vienna
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Waltzes from Vienna (1934) is a British musical film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also known as Strauss' Great Waltz. It was part of the cycle of operetta films made in Britain during the 1930s.

Hitchcock’s film is based on the stage musical, Waltzes from Vienna, which premiered in Vienna in October 1930. With a libretto by A. M. Willner, Heinz Reichart, and Ernst Marischka, this stage production contains music by Johann Strauss I and Johann Strauss II, selected and arranged by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Julius Bittner into discrete musical numbers. Hitchcock, however, did not include these musical numbers in his film. In addition, he changed the end of the story. In the stage musical, Rasi, the baker’s daughter, decides that her father’s apprentice, Leopold, will make a more suitable husband than the composer, Schani (Johann Strauss II). By contrast, Hitchcock’s film rendition ends with Rasi and Schani declaring their love for each other.


Waltzes from Vienna begins the sound of the fire brigade horn and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves, as the firemen race towards a fire at Ebezeder’s Café. Upstairs from the café, Rasi and Schani are oblivious to the danger, lost in a love duet that concludes with Schani telling Rasi that he has dedicated his newest song to her. At the same time, Schani’s music attracts the attention of the Countess Helga von Stahl, who is shopping in the dressmaker’s store next door. Schani and Rasi’s romantic interlude is interrupted by Leopold, a baker in Rasi’s father's café who is in love with Rasi, as he awkwardly climbs up the ladder to save her. Schani and Leopold argue over who will save Rasi from the fire, but Leopold eventually wins and hauls Rasi over his shoulder and down the ladder, causing her to lose her skirt on the way. Rasi races to the dressmaker’s shop to get away from the laughter of the onlookers. Schani retrieves Rasi’s skirt and then stumbles into the dressmaker’s in search of Rasi, where he meets the Countess. When the Countess learns that Schani is an aspiring musician, she proposes that he set some of her verses to music. As the Countess offers Schani her card, Rasi enters the room and becomes immediately suspicious of the Countess’s intentions.


Esmond Knight

(Johann Strauss, the Younger)
Jessie Matthews

(Resi Ebezeder)
Edmund Gwenn

(Johann Strauss, the Elder)
Fay Compton

(Countess Helga von Stahl)
Frank Vosper

(Prince Gustav)
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