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Wara Wara is a bolivien film of genre Drama directed by José Maria Velasco Maidana with José Maria Velasco Maidana

Wara Wara (1930)

Wara Wara
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Length 1h9
Genres Drama,    Romance

Wara Wara is a 1930 Bolivian feature film, directed by José María Velasco Maidana, combining historical drama and romance. The film was described as a "superproduction" by the press at the time.


The film is named for the eponymous main character, Inca princess Wara Wara (played by Juanita Taillansier). Set in the 16th century, it is a "historical narrative of the Spanish conquest of Qullasuyu", the Aymara territories of the Inca Empire. "A peaceful Inca community is massacred by a group of conquistadores", and survivors -among whom Wara Wara- flee into the mountains. Later, Wara Wara is assaulted by two Spanish soldiers, and rescued by "a conquistador with a noble heart", Tristan de la Vega. The two fall in love, but are confronted with the mutual hatred between their peoples. Sentenced to death, they escape, and "live happily ever after". The film's closing scene show "a final prude kiss against the backdrop of a sunset on the edge of the Incas' sacred lake", Lake Titicaca.


José Maria Velasco Maidana

(Tristan De La Vega)
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