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Warrior of the Lost World is a film of genre Science fiction released in USA on 1 september 1985 with Robert Ginty

Warrior of the Lost World (1983)

Warrior of the Lost World
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Warrior of the Lost World (also known as Mad Rider) is a 1983 Italian post-apocalyptic science fiction film written and directed by David Worth, starring Robert Ginty, Persis Khambatta, and Donald Pleasence. It was created and first released in Italy under the title Il Giustiziere della terra perduta ("Vigilante of the Lost Earth") in 1983 during the wide popularity of the Mad Max films, and many subsequently created post-apocalyptic films of the 1980s. Later the film was given another Italian title for VHS and television markets, I predatori dell'anno Omega ("Raiders of the Omega year").


The Rider arrives on his advanced motorcycle with its artificial intelligence computer Einstein. He crashes but manages to pass through the 'wall of illusion' and is found and brought back to health by the Enlightened Elders. They have chosen him to lead their fight against the evil Omega, an Orwellian state run by the evil Prossor. The Elders are allied with the resistance movement, the Outsiders. The Rider first helps Nastasia and the other Outsiders by rescuing McWayne, Nastasia's father and leader of the Outsiders. While the Rider and McWayne successfully escape, Nastasia is captured and subjected to brainwashing by Prossor.


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