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We Are Many is a British film of genre Documentary with Brian Eno

We Are Many (2014)

We Are Many
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We Are Many is a documentary film about the February 15, 2003 global day of protest against the Iraq War, directed by Amir Amirani. Social movement researchers have described the 15 February protest as "the largest protest event in human history. Surprisingly, Tony Blair’s ally Lord Falconer says the anti-war march did change things:

“If a million people come out on the streets in the future, then what government is going to say they are wrong now?"

Amir Amirani is a London based film maker of Iranian origin. Over the last 15 years Amir has made films for some of British television’s most prestigious series, including Arena, Timewatch, Picture This, Correspondent and Newsnight. In films that have received critical acclaim, Amir has covered the life and death of Concorde, the crazy world of awards and awards ceremonies, Jimi Hendrix’s house in London, music under Apartheid, the arms trade with the writer Will Self, the challenges of sex change in Iran, and the horrors of chemical warfare in the Iran-Iraq war. Two of his documentaries have been nominated for an Amnesty International Award and One World Broadcasting Trust Award.

He went to the BBC in 1992 as a Graduate Production Trainee and two years later joined his brother Taghi in setting up Amirani Films. Amir has produced and presented programmes for BBC Radio 4. They include In Business, From Our Own Correspondent and documentaries on Iranian comedy and poetry.

His journalism includes writing for The Guardian, New Statesman, New Scientist, Business Traveller Asia and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

He has a First Class (Hons.) degree in Biology from Nottingham University, and an M.Phil in International Relations from Cambridge University.


Brian Eno

Danny Glover

Ken Loach

Mark Rylance

Susan Sarandon

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