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We Are Sisyphos is a film of genre Drama released in USA on 1 june 2018 with Michael Pitt

We Are Sisyphos (2018)

We Are Sisyphos
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Released in USA 1 june 2018
Length 1h40
Genres Drama

We Are Sisyphos is an upcoming American/Austrian drama film directed by Peter Brunner.

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The film about Norman Ray’s inner world. As a 13-year-old boy he lost his parents and memories due to a fire. Due to his trauma, he now has an obsessive urge to monitor his health and an alcohol and pill addiction. After his son was born he is longing to return to his lost childhood. When he saves a blind friend from his burning flat, Norman is drawn into an unparalleled self-therapy to fill his lost memory. However, his confrontation is about to devour his son, his wife, and everything in his way.


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