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We the Animals is a american film of genre Drama with Sheila Vand

We the Animals (2019)

We the Animals
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Length 1h34
Genres Drama
Rating68% 3.4472153.4472153.4472153.4472153.447215

We the Animals est un film dramatique américain réalisé par Jeremiah Zagar, sorti en 2018.


Jonah est le cadet d’une fratrie de trois jeunes garçons impétueux et épris de liberté. De milieu modeste, ils vivent à l’écart de la ville avec leurs parents qui s'aiment d’un amour passionnel, violent et imprévisible. Souvent livrés à eux-mêmes, les deux frères de Jonah grandissent en reproduisant le comportement de leur père alors que Jonah se découvre progressivement une identité différente…


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In a French speaking port in Northern Europe, Laure, an aimless young woman, goes to see her boyfriend, Samson, a washed up boxer. While posing for photographs, that are going to illustrate an interview for a newspaper, Samson is offered to take a huge amount of money if he lies, confessing in the interview to have an homosexual relationship with a politician, who is a candidate in an oncoming election. The smearing campaign has been hatched by political rivals involved with gang members. Samson is hesitant, but Laure pushes him to take the offer. The money would allow them to have a better future somewhere else. Members of the campaign of the politician in question, informed of the impending interview and outrageous revelations, contact Samson and Laure and made them changed their minds, offering them an equal amount of money if they just leave for a trip abroad.