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Year of the Gun is a american film of genre Drama directed by John Frankenheimer released in USA on 1 november 1991 with Andrew McCarthy

Year of the Gun (1991)

Year of the Gun
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Released in USA 1 november 1991
Length 1h51
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Action,    Romance
Rating55% 2.796562.796562.796562.796562.79656

Year of the Gun is a 1991 American thriller film directed by John Frankenheimer and starred Andrew McCarthy, Sharon Stone and Valeria Golino.


In 1978, David Raybourne is an American novelist who lives in Rome and works as a journalist in a small English-language newspaper. He is romantically involved with Lia, the estranged wife of an Italian Industrialist, and befriended by Italo Bianchi, a politically left-leaning lecturer at a Rome university.


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