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Yeelen is a Malien film of genre Drama directed by Souleymane Cissé released in USA on 14 april 1989 with Balla Moussa Keïta

Yeelen (1987)

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Released in USA 14 april 1989
Length 1h45
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Fantastic,    Fantasy
Rating69% 3.496293.496293.496293.496293.49629

Yeelen (Bambara for "brightness"/"light") is a 1987 Malian film directed by Souleymane Cissé. It is filmed in the Bambara and Fula languages, and is based on a legend told by the Bambara people. Though the era is undefined, it is presumably set in the 13th century in the Mali Empire and is a heroic quest narrative featuring magic and precognition.

It stars Issiaka Kane as Niankoro, a young African man who possesses magical powers. Niamanto Sanogo plays Niankoro's father, who is tracking his son through the Bambara, Fulani and Dogon lands of West Africa using a magical wooden post to guide him.

Yeelen was met with wide critical success, and was awarded the Jury Prize at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. It was also nominated for the Golden Palm award for the same year.


Yeelen retrace un parcours initiatique à une époque non définie. Un jeune homme, Nianankoro, va recevoir le savoir destiné à lui assurer la maîtrise des forces qui l'entourent, cette connaissance que les Bambaras se transmettent depuis toujours. Le père, Soma, ne supporte pas de voir son fils renier ce pourquoi il vit avec les autres sorciers du désert et décide de le traquer à mort.


Balla Moussa Keïta

(Rouma Boll, le roi Peul)
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