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Yellow Asphalt is a film of genre Drama released in USA on 8 august 2001 with Moshe Ivgy

Yellow Asphalt (2001)

Yellow Asphalt
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Released in USA 8 august 2001
Length 1h23
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating67% 3.361133.361133.361133.361133.36113

Yellow Asphalt (Hebrew: אספלט צהוב‎, Asfalt Tzahov) is an Israeli movie depicting Jahalin Bedouins and their way of life, specifically their conflict with Israeli Jews. The film is a pastiche of three short stories depicted sequentially:

Black spot (Moshe Ivgi, Zevik Raz) - about an Israeli tanker crew which runs over a Bedouin boy
Here is not there (Tatjana Blacher, Abed Zuabi) - about the doomed love of a German woman and her Bedouin husband
Red roofs (Raida Adon, Sami Samir, Motti Katz) - about a love affair / physical relationship of an Israeli Jewish farmer and his Bedouin maid

The stories are shot on location in the Judean desert, and casts members of the Jahalin Bedouin tribe in acting roles. The three shorts are woven together by the presence of the same village elders in all the films, who happen to be actual members of the Jahalin Bedouin. The movie was released with Hebrew and Arabic audio tracks. The shorts are based on true events, and the director actually lived with the Bedouin tribe for some time before making the movie, learning their view of things portrayed in the movie. The entire movie took seven years to create. The movie tries to portray the clash of civilizations between the Bedouins and Israeli Jews in a non-judgmental manner.

Shot before the Second Intifada, the movie steers clear of political themes, focusing instead on social issues.


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