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Yesterday is a Sud africain film of genre Drama directed by Darrell Roodt released in USA on 3 september 2004 with Leleti Khumalo

Yesterday (2004)

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Released in USA 3 september 2004
Length 1h36
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating77% 3.894553.894553.894553.894553.89455

Yesterday is a 2004 South African movie written and directed by Darrell Roodt. It was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 77th Academy Awards. It also won Best Sound and Best Editing at the inaugural edition of the Africa Movie Academy Awards. The film tells a story of a young mother, Yesterday (Leleti Khumalo), who discovers she has AIDS. Her husband, a migrant mine laborer, rejected her despite being the one that infected her. Her ambition becomes to live long enough to see her daughter, Beauty, go to school. This film is the first commercial feature-length production in Zulu.


Yesterday is a Zulu mother living with her seven-year-old daughter, Beauty, in their rural village of Rooihoek (English translation means literally "red corner"), in Zululand, South Africa. Every day of her life is spent in the hard work of tilling the field to plant enough food for them, fetching water, cutting firewood and hauling it home, all while also trying to keep her daughter stimulated and occupied. She strikes up a friendship with the new teacher who arrives in the village.


Leleti Khumalo

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