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Sankarabharanam, 2h17
Directed by K. Viswanath
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about classical music and musicians, Musical films
Actors J. V. Somayajulu, Manju Bhargavi, Chandra Mohan, Allu Rama Lingiah, Sankarabharanam Rajyalakshmi, Saakshi Ranga Rao

The film begins with an introduction by Viswanath in the form of a Sanskrit Subhashita शिशुर्वेत्ति पशुर्वेत्ति वेत्ति गानरसं फणिः (Music is enjoyed equally well by babies, animals and even snakes). We hope you appreciate our effort in bringing you the 'Jeeva Dhara' (Lifestream) of Indian classical music."
Pride and Prejudice (1995 TV series), 5h27
Directed by Simon Langton
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Actors Jennifer Ehle, Colin Firth, Julia Sawalha, Alison Steadman, Benjamin Whitrow, Susannah Harker

Episode 1 – Mr Charles Bingley, a rich man from the north of England, settles down at Netherfield estate near Meryton village in Hertfordshire for the autumn. Mrs Bennet, unlike her husband, is excited at the prospect of marrying off one of her five daughters (Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia) to the newcomer. Bingley takes an immediate liking to Jane at a local country-dance, while his best friend Mr Darcy, rumoured to be twice as rich, refuses to stand up with anyone including Elizabeth. Elizabeth's poor impression of his character is confirmed at a later gathering at Lucas Lodge and she and Darcy verbally clash on the two nights she spends at Netherfield caring for the sick Jane.
The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, 2h40
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Horror, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films based on plays, Films based on musicals
Actors Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser, Wynne Evans, Earl Carpenter, Garðar Thór Cortes

Prologue At the fictional Opera Populaire (based on the Paris Opéra House) in 1905, an auction of old theatre props is underway. Lot 665, purchased by the elderly Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, is a music box in the shape of a monkey; it is familiar to him, and he speaks of a mysterious "she" - that the details of the strange little music box appear "exactly as she said." Lot 666 is a shattered chandelier that is claimed by the auctioneer to have been related to "the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera, a mystery never fully explained," having appeared in some great disaster in years past. As the chandelier - which has been replaced, in part, with new electric wiring - is uncovered, it illuminates as the years roll back and the Opéra returns to its 1880s' grandeur ("Overture").
Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, 3h7
Directed by K. Vijaya Bhaskar
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Daggubati Venkatesh, Aarthi Agarwal, Ananth Babu, Prakash Raj, Reema Sen, Suhasini Maniratnam

Venakteswarlu alias Venky (Venkatesh) comes to the house of Murthy (Prakash Raj) on recommendation of his father Sekhar (Chandra Mohan) who is a childhood friend of Murthy. Nandini alias Nandu (Arti Agarwal) is the daughter of Murthy. Venky enters that place when Nandu is about to get engaged to a software professional from the USA. Soon, Venky bonds with everyone from Murthy's family. Murthy helps Venky secure a job. The relationship between Venky and Nandu starts with hatred and turns into friendship. Nandu confessess her love for Venky to him. Venky, who does not want to spoil the relationship between their parents, decides to leave the house. But Murthy goes to the railway station and talks to Venky, which causes Venky to return. On his return, Nandu stops speaking to him. When Venky accompanies Nandu and Pinky (Nandu's cousin) to Nandu's friend Asha's wedding, sparks fly between them.Even though Venky also is in love with Nandu, he does not express it and pretends to not have feelings for Nandu.When they get back, its time for Nandu's wedding! Venky takes the onus of running the show of marriage. The demure Nandu is shattered.Circumstances lead to everyone finding out about Venky and Nandu. What follows, and how Nandu and Venky end up together forms the climax of the story.
Upendra (1999)
, 2h18
Directed by Upendra
Genres Thriller, Romance
Actors Raveena Tandon, Upendra, Prema, Arun Govil, Gurukiran

Betala begins to narrate one of his puzzling tales to Vikramāditya which is the story of Naanu (translates to I/Me/Myself), an ego-driven selfish rogue and the three women in his life. Naanu since childhood hates hypocrisy and always speaks the truth. In the process, he exposes the truth behind everything. A young woman Rathi comes to know her father's hatred towards her in this process and falls in love with Naanu. However she finds out that Naanu wants to marry a billionaire Keerthi whose deceased father decides that her husband would inherit her entire wealth. He prints wedding cards and distributes it to all, including the employees working in Keerthi's establishments. This angers Keerthi who orders her guardian's son (who wants to marry her for the same reason) to attack Naanu. They bring a woman Swathi, who lives in his house and toture her. Naanu comes to her rescue and it is revealed that Swathi is Naanu's wife.
The Legend of Maula Jatt
Directed by Bilal Lashari
Origin Pakistan
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Romance
Actors Hamza Ali Abbasi, Fawad Afzal Khan, Sanam Jung, Shamoon Abbasi, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick

Suite de Maula Jatt, un classique du cinéma Pakistanais de 1979...
Missamma (1955)
, 2h45
Directed by L. V. Prasad
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jamuna, Kommareddy Savitri, Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao, Relangi Venkata Ramaiah, Ramana Reddy

Gopalam, the zamindar of Appapuram, is the principal of the high school named after his elder daughter Mahalakshmi. When a child, she went missing during a pilgrimage to Kakinada. She was found and adopted by a Christian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, who named her Mary.
Scenes from a Marriage, 4h41
Directed by Ingmar Bergman
Origin Suede
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Bibi Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom, Jan Malmsjö, Anita Wall

Chronique de la vie d'un couple en six chapitres, s'étendant sur une période de vingt ans. Malgré leurs disputes incessantes, ils semblent voués à vivre ensemble.
Geetha (1981)
, 2h5
Directed by Shankar Naag
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Ramesh Bhat, Shankar Naag, K. S. Ashwath, Sowcar Janaki, Shivaram, Tiger Prabhakar

Geetha (Akshata Rao) is a college-going student, who has co-organised a charity concert in her college. Sanjay (Shankar Nag), a singer, performs at the show singing the track "Santhoshakke". Floored by performance and his good luck, she pursues him. A university champion in badminton, she invites him to her club to play, with an intention to get closer to him and succeeds. However, Geetha suffers from an illness, the symptoms of which is seen in her holding her neck tight and screaming. Her father Srinivas (K. S. Ashwath) suffers from a heart ailment. Following another of Sanjay's concert, she confesses her love to him. He, however fails to remember her every time, and eventually, falls in love with her.
A (1998)
, 2h28
Directed by Upendra
Genres Thriller, Romance
Actors Upendra

A foreign woman, Marina, wants to distribute the unreleased controversial film A directed by Soorya. However the censor board permits only twenty random minutes to be screened and the climax is censored to such an extent that it no longer made any sense. She suggests its producers to re-shoot the film. However, Soorya is not in a position to participate in the film's shoot as he became a drunkard after actress Chandini, who debuted with his film, rejects his love. Soorya's family is unable to meet their ends after he stops directing films. Lost in her thoughts, he wanders near her house every night drunk, only to be expelled by her henchmen.
It's a Wonderful Life, 2h10
Directed by Frank Capra
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Films about families, Christmas films, Films about religion, Films about angels, Alternate history films
Actors James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers, Thomas Mitchell, Samuel S. Hinds

In Bedford Falls, New York, on Christmas Eve 1945, George Bailey is suicidal. Prayers for him reach Heaven. Clarence Odbody, Angel 2nd Class, is assigned to save George in order to earn his angel wings. To prepare Clarence, his superior Joseph shows flashbacks of George's life.
Poove Unakkaga, 2h30
Directed by Vikraman
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Vijay, Sangita, Anju Aravind, Charle, Nagesh, Jai Ganesh

In a flashback, Stephen and Sadhasivam have been best friends since college and so have their respective sons, Moses and Vasudevan. Stephen's family is Christian while Sadhasivam's family is Hindu. Moses' younger brother, Robert and Vasudevan's younger sister, Janaki fall in love with each other. Against their families' wishes, they elope. Ever since then, the two families hate each other. 25 years later, Moses' son, Lawrence and Vasudevan's daughter, Nandhini fall in love with each other, but are afraid of their families' opposition.