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A Gran Plan, 1h15
Origin Singapore
Actors Farida Jalal

The story of the film revolves around the lives of two individuals — Satvinder Kaur Bedi, a 68-year-old lady, and Oliver, her 10-year-old young boy neighbor. When they meet, they discover that both of them share some common problems regarding loneliness. Soon, they develop a strange but sensitive relationship which gains momentum over the period of time. The ways in which they overcome several hurdles in the form of age, language and culture, and finally communicate with each other to create an intimate long-lasting companionship forms the climax of the story.
Sri Ramakrishna Darshanam, 2h20
Origin Singapore
Genres Biography
Actors Shashikumar Nayaka, Delhi Ganesh, Lakshmi Narayan, Uma Shankari

I wanted to give something back to the society, and this is my humble offering.
That Girl in Pinafore, 1h55
Directed by Chai Yee Wei
Origin Singapore
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Musical films

The story was set in the 1990s. Secondary school student, Jiaming (Daren Tan) was coping with both his O-level examinations and his parents' bar business, the Dream Boat. He and his mates Cao Gen (Seah Jiaqing), Hao Ban (Kenny Khoo) and Xiao Pang (Kelvin Mun) were studying. When a dare to get the numbers of two nearby girls, Jayley and Hayley Woo, went awry, the boys ran away. Jiaming bumped into the twins' friend, May (Julie Tan), while doing so, consequently dropping his Xinyao booklet.
Sing to the Dawn
Origin Singapore
Genres Drama, Musical, Animation
Themes Children's films
Actors Jajang C. Noer, Ria Irawan, Joko Anwar

Dana (Gita Gutawa) is a little girl who lives in a small village in Batam. She lives with sister little, Rai (Patton Latupeirissa), father its Somad (Uli Herdinansyah) and grandmother commonly called "Oma" (Jajang C. Noer).
Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, 1h9
Directed by Dwayne McDuffie, Victor Cook
Origin Singapore
Genres Science fiction, Action, Animation
Themes Films set in Africa, Superhero films, Children's films
Actors Tara Strong, Meagan Smith, Paul Eiding, Dee Bradley Baker, Steven Blum, Richard McGonagle

Taking place shortly after the events of the original Ben 10, Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max spend their evenings fighting aliens on the streets of Bellwood. During a battle against a robotic tank, Ben as Upgrade and Gwen argue about the best way to defeat it, leading to Gwen using a magenta-colored glowing dismantling spell on the tank while Ben is attached. Unknown to the children, this leads to a malfunction in the Omnitrix.
House of Harmony, 1h30
Origin Singapore
Genres Romance
Actors Maggie Q, Cheng Pei-pei, Andrea Jonasson, Francis Fulton-Smith, Zhu Houren, Claudine Wilde

Singapore in the 1920s sets the stage for the dramatic romance between a young Asian woman (Fann Wong) and a married American industrialist (Philippe Brenninkmeyer). It is a love doomed by laws and tradition, but which yields a child, Harmony (Maggie Q).
Judgement Day, 1h44
Origin Singapore
Themes Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Mark Lee, Chua En Lai

With about 72 hours left to spare before Judgement Day supposedly arrives, various individuals start spilling out their greatest secrets.
Certain Chapters, 28minutes
Directed by Abbas Akbar
Origin Singapore
Actors Abbas Akbar

Inspired by a series of true events the film unveils the truth as it is, recreating the unforgiving and wanton world of Indian gangsters in Singapore.
Worn Out Bachelors
Directed by P. Ramlee
Origin Singapore
Genres Comedy, Musical
Actors S. Shamsuddin, P. Ramlee, Datuk Aziz Sattar

This film is about the lives of three bachelors and best friends Ramli, Aziz and Sudin ('bujang' means 'bachelor'). The three of them share a rented room in a house owned by a wealthy and beautiful widow, Cik Normah. Unlike most other landlords, she is a kind and friendly woman who helps them out wherever and whenever she can and who also secretly harbours affection for Ramli.
Adam, Eve and Datsa, 1h45
Origin Singapore
Actors Pyay Ti Oo, Pyay Ti Oo, Thet Mon Myint, Sai Sai Kham Leng

The film was shot in Yangon. It's about love between three people. Min Htin Si (Datsa) is the boyfriend of Wai La Thar (Eve). Moe Thout (Adam) also loves Wai La too. There was a problem between Moe Thout and Min Htin Si. Min Htin Si's father died because of Moe Thout's father. Moe Thout's father had love stories with Min Htin Si's mother. Therefore, Min Htin Si's father and mother had conflicts because of that. So, Min Htin Si hated Moe Thout's family since he was a child. Moe Thout did everything Wai La want while Min Htin Si was using Wai La to revenge Moe Thout since he knows Moe Thout loves Wai La. However, Wai La never thought that her boyfriend, Min Htin Si, is using her. But when she know that her boyfriend is using her, she tried to hate Min Htin Si.
The Leap Years
Origin Singapore
Genres Romance
Actors Ananda Everingham, Wong Li Lin, Joan Chen, Vernetta Lopez

Li-Ann, a single and attractive teacher in a Singaporean girl's school teaches her students about an obscure leap year custom practiced in Ireland, where men cannot refuse a proposal or date from a woman should she do so on February 29; she chances upon Jeremy at Windows Cafe who becomes a major part of her life.
Timeless Love
Origin Singapore
Actors Joshua Ang, Shawn Lee

The plot mostly revolves around Morgan, who finds an island lease and a photo of a mysterious-looking stranger posing on an island whilst looking through his grandmother's belongings. Morgan somehow recalls that his grandmother used to tell him tales of her regrets with regards to a watch and the island when he was younger. Intrigued on the identity of the mysterious man and to escape the paparazzi, he decides to head off to the island to unravel the mysteries and find answers. As he went to the island, he found 3 teenagers. Love blossoms.
Sex.Violence.FamilyValues., 47minutes
Directed by Ken Kwek
Origin Singapore
Actors Tan Kheng Hua, Ken Kwek

Billed as "three dirrrty stories from the world's cleanest city", Sex.Violence.FamilyValues is described by its makers as a film that "pitches political correctness out the window of Singapore mainstream cinema."
Imperfect (2012)
, 1h36
Origin Singapore
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Ian Fang, Liu Kai-chi

After getting into a teen brawl to protect his friend, Zach (Ian Fang), one night while watching a Getai performance, Jianhao (Edwin Goh) gets sent to a Boys' Home for six months. He decides to start afresh, working hard to retake his O-levels with the help of his girlfriend Shan Shan (Kimberly Chia). His mother, Huifang (Chiang Tsu-ping), arranges for him to help out in her stall at Bugis Street. However, due to his loyalty to his "brother" Zach, he follows him to join a triad gang, Yi Ren Tang, led by Zhihua (Li Nanxing) to get protection against a rival gang, Gang 660, which was run by their enemy, Alex's (Xavier Ong) father, Guodong (Liu Kai Chi). One day, during a fight between Gang 660 and Zach, Square (Phua Yida) and Jianhao, Zach uses a brick to hit Alex's head. As a result, Alex ends up in a vegetative state, and dies soon after. Guodong promises to take revenge for his son. The boys become fugitives overnight, running away from Guodong and the police. Huifang seeks Zhihua's help, revealing that Jianhao is actually his biological son which she refused to abort 17 years ago. Huifang begs Zhihua to save Jianhao. Zhihua agrees, and manages to find Jianhao. He wants to send him overseas to escape. However, before Jianhao sets off, Guodong and his gang finds both Jianhao and Zhihua, entering into yet another bloody fight. This time, Zhihua gets stabbed to death by Guodong. The police arrive in time just before Guodong is about to hit Zach with a metal pipe. Guodong, Zach and Jianhao get arrested and sent to jail. Jianhao is released before Zach, and decides to turn over a new leaf, with the encouragement of his mother, sister Xin Xin and Shan Shan.