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Ahmed Mazhar is a Actor born on 8 october 1917

Ahmed Mazhar

Ahmed Mazhar
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Birth 8 october 1917
Death 8 may 2002 (at 84 years)

Ahmed Hafez Mazhar (8 October 1917 – 8 May 2002) was an Egyptian actor. He graduated from the military academy in 1938 and his colleagues included Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat.


Ahmed Hafez Mazhar (1917–2002) was an Egyptian actor. He graduated from the military academy in 1938 and his colleagues included Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat. Mazhar won many medals in international competitions in equestrianism, fencing, boxing and shooting.

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Filmography of Ahmed Mazhar (14 films)

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Shafiqa and Metwally
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Souad Hosni, Ahmed Mazhar, Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Gamil Ratib
Roles Ahmed Al-Tarabishi
Rating69% 3.4814453.4814453.4814453.4814453.481445
The film was based on a folktale about brother and sister Shafika and Metwally. Where the wayward sister (Souad Hosni) escapes her petty existence in a small Upper Egyptian village and moves to the city. Chafika's poverty finally takes her to acquire a bad reputation as a belly dancer and kept woman.
Empire M
Empire M (1972)

Directed by Hussein Kamal
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazhar
Roles Ahmed Raafat
Rating69% 3.4888853.4888853.4888853.4888853.488885
Cairo 30
Cairo 30 (1966)

Directed by Salah Abou Seif, Salah Abou-Sayf
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Souad Hosni, Youssef Wahbi, Ahmed Mazhar
Roles Minister Qasim Bey
Rating75% 3.7811053.7811053.7811053.7811053.781105
Saladin the Victorious, 2h55
Directed by Youssef Chahine
Origin Egypte
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Politique, Films about religion, Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Ahmed Mazhar, Nadia Lutfi, Salah Zulfikar, Mahmoud el-Meliguy
Roles Saladin
Rating74% 3.7453453.7453453.7453453.7453453.745345
The story of Saladin (Ahmed Mazhar) portrays the title character, ruler of the kingdoms surrounding Jerusalem, during the events of the Third Crusade. The film starts with Jerusalem, which is under the authority of the Christians of Europe, having its Muslim pilgrims slaughtered by the Christians in the holy lands. Saladin upon hearing this news seeks the reclamation of the holy lands in a short, almost impossible campaign. He succeeds in taking back Jerusalem, which leads the powers of Europe to organize the Third Crusade with the combined forces of the French king (Omar El-Hariri) and German emperor under the leadership of Richard the Lionheart of England. Saladin succeeds in preventing the recapture of Jerusalem, and in the end negotiations between himself and Richard (whom Saladin admires as the only honorable infidel leader) leave the Holy Land in Muslim hands.
Al Aydi Al Naema, 1h15
Directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Sabah, Salah Zulfikar, Ahmed Mazhar, Mariem Fakhr El Dine
Roles Prince Shawkat Helmy
Rating70% 3.5299853.5299853.5299853.5299853.529985
Cairo (1963)
, 1h31
Directed by Wolf Rilla
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors George Sanders, Richard Johnson, Faten Hamama, John Meillon, Ahmed Mazhar, Eric Pohlmann
Roles kerim
Rating54% 2.7097752.7097752.7097752.7097752.709775
Pickering, surnommé « Le Major » en raison de son élégance, sort de prison. Durant sa longue peine, il a tout de même mis au point un dernier coup : Dérober les bijoux du Pharaon Toutânkhamon, exposé dans un musée en Égypte. Il débarque au Caire, retrouve ses anciens complices et leur explique son projet minutieusement préparé. Mais alors que plan d'action se déroule sans encombre, une alarme se déclenche...
I Won't Confess
Directed by Kamal El Sheikh
Genres Drama
Actors Faten Hamama, Ahmad Ramzy, Ahmed Mazhar, Salah Mansour
Roles Ahmed (husband)
Rating72% 3.611093.611093.611093.611093.61109
Amal (Faten Hamama) is the wife of Ahmed (Ahmed Mazhar) who manages a textile factory. One day, she receives a threatening letter directed at Ahmed. The letter reveals that Ahmed committed a murder; he killed a teller to steal the factory's money. Amal remembers that her husband had come to her telling her that he had lost his money, and weeks later had restored his money. One of the factory workers (Salah Mansour) meets Amal and confirms what the letter said, claiming that he witnessed the crime.
Wa Islamah
Wa Islamah (1961)
, 1h37
Directed by Andrew Marton
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Actors Ahmed Mazhar, Rushdy Abaza, Lobna Abdel Aziz, Emad Hamdy, Tahia Carioca, Mahmoud el-Meliguy
Roles قطز/ الأمير محمود
Rating64% 3.2391853.2391853.2391853.2391853.239185
The Nightingale's Prayer, 1h49
Directed by Henry Barakat
Origin Egypte
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazhar, Amina Rizk
Roles Irrigation Engineer
Rating80% 4.0390954.0390954.0390954.0390954.039095
Amna is a young woman that witnesses the death of her older sister by her uncle, who had abandoned her family and left them with no support. She understands from her mother that her sister deserves to die because she dishonors the family. Amna doesn't agree. She believes that her uncle should be blamed for their conditions. She seeks revenge from the engineer who swayed her sister and lied to her thus causing her death. Amna moves to his house to work as a maid and tries to poison him several times, but all her plans fail. She discovers it's impossible to kill him. This engineer starts to approach her, but she resists him, which makes him even more attracted to her.
The Barred Road
Directed by Salah Abou Seif, Salah Abou-Sayf
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazhar, Ferdoos Mohammed
Roles Mounir (writer)
Rating59% 2.961162.961162.961162.961162.96116
Faten Hamama plays Fayza, a young student who lives with her family after the death of her father. Left with no money, her mother (Zouzou Mady) is forced to turn her house into an illegal gambling house. Fayza opposes her mother's solution. Munir (Ahmed Mazhar) is a writer who meets Fayza and falls in love with her but she rejects him. Fayza decides to leave to the countryside where she works as a teacher in a small school. Fayza gets into trouble in the school and, desperate and hopeless, decides to walk in her mother's path. Munir convinces Fayza to stop.
Al-Zawjah al-Azra'
Actors Faten Hamama, Emad Hamdy, Ahmed Mazhar
Roles Magdi
Rating61% 3.076963.076963.076963.076963.07696
Magdi (Ahmed Mazhar) and Dr. Fouad (Imad Hamdi) meet Souad (Zouzou Mady) and her daughter Mona (Faten Hamama). Souad, who suffers from poverty, decides to introduce her daughter to Magdi, a rich man, hoping that he can fall in love with her beautiful daughter and ask to marry her in order to save her from poverty. Magid does fall in love with Mona and she falls for him too. The lovers decide to marry each other. Before the marriage, Magdi reveals a personal secret to her mother. Magdi tells her that an accident he experienced left him with sexual dysfunction. Mona's mother, however, accepts this and conceals it from Mona.
Tarek Al Amal
Directed by Ezzel Dine Zulficar
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Faten Hamama, Rushdy Abaza, Ahmed Mazhar, Alwiya Gamil
Rating70% 3.5253853.5253853.5253853.5253853.525385
Faten is a young woman whose mother suffers from a malicious disease that forbids her from working. This leaves her and her mother with no money, which forces her to work as a prostitute. One day she meets a man who sympathizes with her situation and decides to save her from this unpleasant work. He falls in love with her and decides to marry her, but his mother does not allow him because of who she is. Faten returns to working as a prostitute. One day, she saves her lover's sister which convinces his mother who accepts her as her son's wife.