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Ajay Naidu is a Actor American born on 12 february 1972 at Evanston (USA)

Ajay Naidu

Ajay Naidu
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Birth name Ajay Kalahastri Naidu
Nationality USA
Birth 12 february 1972 (48 years) at Evanston (USA)

Ajay Kalahastri Naidu (born February 12, 1972) is an American actor. He is of Indian origin.


Naidu is married to actress Heather Burns.

Usually with

Aasif Mandvi
Aasif Mandvi
(4 films)
Mark Margolis
Mark Margolis
(5 films)
Clint Mansell
Clint Mansell
(3 films)
Mike Judge
Mike Judge
(1 films)
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Lost Cat Corona
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Sean Young, Ralph Macchio, Gina Gershon, Jeff Kober, Paul Sorvino, Summer Crockett Moore
Roles Amir
Rating46% 2.336122.336122.336122.336122.33612
Un homme qui joue la carte de la sécurité doit rechercher le chat disparu de sa femme, le confronter à l'élément coloré, farfelu et parfois plus dangereux de son quartier, l'obligeant à affronter ses peurs et à repenser son mode opératoire.
Gods Behaving Badly, 1h30
Directed by Marc Turtletaub
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films based on mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Christopher Walken, Alicia Silverstone, Sharon Stone, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Edie Falco, Oliver Platt
Rating62% 3.1466453.1466453.1466453.1466453.146645
Un jeune couple fait la rencontre de douze dieux grecs aux pouvoirs déclinants qui vivent confortablement dans un appartement de New York. Cette rencontre pourrait changer l'avenir du couple mais aussi celui de la Terre entière.
Falling Up
Falling Up (2009)

Directed by David M. Rosenthal
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Joseph Cross, Sarah Roemer, Snoop Dogg, Rachael Leigh Cook, Claudette Lalí, Joe Pantoliano
Roles Paco
Rating56% 2.801312.801312.801312.801312.80131
Nursing student Henry O'Shea (Joseph Cross), who suddenly finds himself the 'head' of his family, after the death of his father, takes a leave from school to support his mother, getting a job as a New York doorman. Soon one of the building's residents, Scarlett Dowling (Sarah Roemer), takes notice of him and soon they become romantically attracted to each other, much to the annoyance of her mother (Mimi Rogers).
The Hungry Ghosts, 1h44
Directed by Michael Imperioli
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Steve Schirripa, Paul Calderon, Ajay Naidu, Aunjanue Ellis, Emory Cohen, Sharon Angela
Roles Laurence
Rating50% 2.541652.541652.541652.541652.54165
Matthew (Emory Cohen) is a teenage boy in New York who has therapy together with his father Frank (Steve Schirripa), because of their troubled communication. The boy runs away during their session. Angela (Sharon Angela), his mother, is worried but Frank is more concerned with his radio show, and whether his techs got his vodka. He proceeds to use a great deal of cocaine as well before the show begins. Matthew goes to a park where a lot of homeless people are congregated, where he is picked up by a couple. They give him alcohol and drugs, after which the woman has sex with Matthew while the man watches.
Hotel for Dogs, 1h40
Directed by Thor Freudenthal
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about animals, Films about children, Films about music and musicians, Films about dogs, Musical films, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Emma Roberts, Jake Toranzo Austin, Troy Gentile, Kyla Pratt, Johnny Simmons, Lisa Kudrow
Roles ACO Jake
Rating54% 2.708142.708142.708142.708142.70814
While in Central City, Louisiana, orphans Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) manage to sell a rock in a box to a pawn shop to buy food for their dog, Friday, a Jack Russell Terrier. However, they are quickly caught and marched off to the police station, where their social worker, Bernie Wilkins (Don Cheadle) picks them up and takes them back to their foster parents, Lois and Carl Scudder (Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon, respectively), who appear not to care for either Andi or Bruce. When the two demand to know where their foster children have been, Bernie covers for them, telling them that it was his fault they were late. Despite his sympathies towards the two siblings, he warns them that they are playing a dangerous game by deliberately getting into trouble in order to escape Carl and Lois, since they could get fostered separately, something that both orphans are desperate to avoid. During Bernie's visit, Friday returns home and Bruce quickly bustles Bernie out of the door, since Friday's presence is to be kept secret.
Today's Special, 1h39
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Cooking films
Actors Aarti Mann, Madhur Jaffrey, Naseeruddin Shah, Aasif Mandvi, Kevin Corrigan, Dean Winters
Roles Munnamia
Rating65% 3.2980853.2980853.2980853.2980853.298085
Samir (Aasif Mandvi), a sous chef at an upscale New York restaurant, becomes frustrated with his boss (Dean Winters) and quits. His dreams of studying French cooking in France are shattered after his father becomes ill and he must take over his family's Indian restaurant, Tandoori Palace in Queens with two chefs who don't know what they're doing, an old fashioned wall and business being terrible since the only customers are Samir's uncles sitting at a table playing cards. Samir doesn't know what to do because his knowledge of Indian cooking is limited until he meets the larger than life gourmet chef and taxi driver Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah). Samir's world is transformed via Akbar's cooking lessons, the magic of the masala and a beautiful co-worker, Carrie (Jess Weixler). While his mother (Madhur Jaffrey) tries to get him to settle down with a nice Indian girl and his father, Hakkim (Harish Patel) is convinced he will amount to nothing. Samir, Akbar, and a kitchen staff first update the restaurants' look and then with knowledge of eccentric characters concoct the most magical and mouth watering dishes in what soon becomes the best little Indian restaurant in New York City with booming business. However, Akbar moves to Akron, Ohio and it is up to Samir to run the restaurant. Meanwhile, Hakkim plans to sell the restaurant to Ahmed. Samir and his uncles along with Carrie still manage to keep up the business and make it better. Eventually, Hakkim calls off the deal and the movie ends with Hakkim hugging Samir.
Righteous Kill, 1h41
Directed by Jon Avnet
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Donnie Wahlberg, John Leguizamo, 50 Cent, Carla Gugino
Roles Dr. Chadrabar
Rating59% 2.9995852.9995852.9995852.9995852.999585
Police psychologists review recordings of a man (Robert De Niro), who states his name as Detective David Fisk, the "Poetry Boy" killer. The Poetry Boy earned the moniker for his modus operandi of murdering criminals and leaving short poems with their bodies. Fisk reveals that he looks up to his partner of almost 30 years, Tom Cowan (who the audience is led to believe is the character portrayed by Al Pacino), and considers him to be his role model of how a cop should be. Pacino's character is known by the nickname "Rooster" and De Niro's by "Turk," and they are referred as such outside of the recordings.
The Wrestler, 1h45
Directed by Darren Aronofsky
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Sports films
Actors Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Ernest Miller, Evan Rachel Wood, Mark Margolis, Todd Barry
Roles Medic
Rating78% 3.948383.948383.948383.948383.94838
Robin Ramzinski, better known by his ring name Randy "The Ram" Robinson (Mickey Rourke), is a professional wrestler who became a celebrity in the 1980s. Now past his prime, Randy wrestles on weekends for independent promotions in New Jersey while working part-time at a supermarket under Wayne (Todd Barry), a demeaning manager who mocks Randy's wrestling background. A regular at a strip club, Randy befriends a stripper, Cassidy (Marisa Tomei), who, like Randy, is too old for her job. After winning a local match, Randy agrees to a proposed 20th anniversary rematch with his most notable opponent, "The Ayatollah" (Ernest Miller), which could bring him back to stardom.
Loins of Punjab Presents
Directed by Manish G. Acharya
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Documentary
Actors Shabana Azmi, Ayesha Dharker, Ajay Naidu, Ishita Sharma, Darshan Jariwala, Jameel Khan
Roles Turbanotorious B.D.G.
Rating70% 3.541263.541263.541263.541263.54126
A New Jersey town catches Bollywood fever when five Indian-Americans and one Jewish Indophile compete in an amateur Indian Idol-style singing contest. Loins of Punjab Presents satirizes non-resident Indians and Bollywood fans as they vie for the title of "Desi Idol."
The Accidental Husband, 1h30
Directed by Griffin Dunne
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about the labor movement, Disaster films, Films about marriage
Actors Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, Isabella Rossellini, Sam Shepard, Lindsay Sloane
Roles Deep
Rating55% 2.7994852.7994852.7994852.7994852.799485
Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is looking forward to a life with, Sophia (Justina Machado), until she calls into the show by famed love expert and radio host Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman). Emma questions Sophia’s concept of romantic love and advises her to break their engagement, which she swiftly does.
Alchemy (2005)
, 1h26
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Tom Cavanagh, Sarah Chalke, James Barbour, Michael Ian Black, Illeana Douglas, Nadia Dajani
Rating54% 2.7113452.7113452.7113452.7113452.711345
A university computer scientist tries to make a woman fall in love with his interactive computer before she succumbs to a well-known lothario professor.
Confess (2005)
, 1h27
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Eugene Byrd, Ali Larter, Melissa Leo, Glenn Fitzgerald, William Sadler, Josh Pais
Rating50% 2.519272.519272.519272.519272.51927
Terroll Lessor, a computer genius in an unpleasant job, decides to use his skills against reprehensible parts of society. Along with his girlfriend, played by Ali Larter, he gains embarrassing information on people whom he believes to be immoral and exposes this information to the public. This garners the attention of police and people who wish him harm, and results in copy-cat crimes by others who admire him.
The Honeymooners, 1h30
Directed by John Schultz
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Mike Epps, Cedric the Entertainer, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Eric Stoltz, John Leguizamo
Roles Vivek
Rating33% 1.6562751.6562751.6562751.6562751.656275
The Kramdens and the Nortons are working-class neighbors; bus-driver Ralph Kramden (Cedric the Entertainer) and sewage worker Ed Norton (Epps) are best friends. Ralph is constantly masterminding get-rich-quick schemes with which Ed tries to help. The driving force behind them is their wives, Alice Kramden (Gabrielle Union) and Trixie Norton (Regina Hall); the men are trying to make enough money to afford the homes they think their wives deserve. Meanwhile, Alice and Trixie make ends meet by waitressing at the local diner.
The War Within, 1h59
Genres Drama
Themes Films about terrorism
Actors Ayad Akhtar, Nandana Sen, Samrat Chakrabarti, Sarita Choudhury, Mike McGlone, Aasif Mandvi
Roles Naved
Rating67% 3.396533.396533.396533.396533.39653
The War Within is the story of Hassan, a Pakistani engineering student in Paris who is apprehended by American intelligence services for suspected terrorist activities. After his interrogation, Hassan undergoes a radical transformation and embarks upon a terrorist mission, surreptitiously entering the United States to join a cell based in New York City. After meticulous planning for an event of maximum devastation, the members of the cell are arrested, except for Hassan, Khalid and their cell leader Izzy.