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Akiko Hiramatsu is a Actor Japonaise born on 31 august 1967 at Tokyo (Japon)

Akiko Hiramatsu

Akiko Hiramatsu
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Nationality Japon
Birth 31 august 1967 (51 years) at Tokyo (Japon)

Akiko Hiramatsu (平松 晶子, Hiramatsu Akiko, born August 31, 1967 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actress. Hiramatsu works at Ken Production.

Usually with

Akira Ishida
Akira Ishida
(4 films)
Jouji Nakata
Jouji Nakata
(4 films)
Chiwa Saitō
Chiwa Saitō
(3 films)
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Filmography of Akiko Hiramatsu (8 films)

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Keroro Gunso the Super Movie: Creation! Ultimate Keroro, Wonder Space-Time Island
Directed by Jun'ichi Satō
Actors Kumiko Watanabe, Houko Kuwashima, Tamaki Matsumoto, Akiko Yajima, Chiwa Saitō, Etsuko Kozakura

Fuyuki is seen walking around an empty black space. But what he does see is a burning ship crashing from the sky and when he turns around the Keroro platoon (minus Keroro) is frozen in stone. When Keroro is located he is blown up and Fuyuki wakes up to find Alisa Southerncross who gives him a statue that looks like a Keronian. She leaves before the house starts to shake and is flooded with water from one of Kululu's failed experiments. The after affect is the platoon cleaning up all the water damage. Fuyuki shows Keroro the statue and the island where it was originated from and convinces Keroro to go with him while Keroro makes plans of building a second base there. They fly to the island at night while back at the Hinata house Kululu who is sharing a tent with Giroro is informing him on Aku Aku the being on Easter Island, the island their friends are heading to. While flying a beam of energy hits the space bike that Fuyuki and Keroro are riding and it sends them in separate directions. Fuyuki wakes up and meets Lo and Rana who are trying to cook the sgt. They both have a joyful reunion and learn about Kanini. Giroro and Kululu find out about Fuyuki and Keroro sneaking out to the island and decide to get Dororo and Tamama because Aku Aku has been making trouble and they might be endanger.
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, 1h41
Directed by Hideaki Anno
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Action, Animation
Themes Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Kotono Mitsuishi, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Fumihiko Tachiki, Akira Ishida
Rating77% 3.897593.897593.897593.897593.89759
In 2015, fifteen years after a global cataclysm known as the Second Impact, Shinji Ikari is summoned to Tokyo-3 by his estranged father Gendo, the commander of the mysterious NERV organization. Shinji is caught in the crossfire between UN forces and an angel, an alien lifeform, colonel Misato Katsuragi rescues him and brings him to NERV headquarters. Gendo demands Shinji pilot Evangelion Unit 01, a giant mecha cyborg, against the angel. Shinji concedes when Gendo threatens to send Rei Ayanami, a wounded Evangelion pilot, into battle instead. Shinji and wins the fight after Unit 01 goes berserk and destroys the Angel.
Keroro Gunso the Super Movie, 1h
Directed by Yusuke Yamamoto
Genres Animation
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Kumiko Watanabe, Tomoko Kawakami, Chiwa Saitō, Etsuko Kozakura, Jouji Nakata, Takehito Koyasu
Rating64% 3.2354653.2354653.2354653.2354653.235465
Keroro skips out on destroying military planes in a simulated reality in favor of buying the newest Gundam model with Fuyuki. As they head home, they encounter a mystery shrine resembling a space fort. As Keroro prepares to give a monetary offering, he accidentally drops a 100-yen coin into the shrine, forcing him and Fuyuki to go after it. Inside the shrine is a prehistoric-looking jungle, where Fuyuki finds an ancient dome and a small glass container, inside it a glowing orb. As Keroro triumphantly finds his coin, he knocks over the container, which breaks, causing the orb to shine wildly. After Keroro attempts to fix the container with rubber cement, the duo dashes out of the shrine and toward home, leaving the remaining piece of the container to transform into a pink
A Tree of Palme, 2h15
Directed by Takashi Nakamura
Origin Japon
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Megumi Toyoguchi, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Akiko Hiramatsu, Kappei Yamaguchi, Motomu Kiyokawa, Yurika Hino
Roles Palme
Rating65% 3.2943.2943.2943.2943.294
Rêves d'androïde est une réinterprétation du conte de Pinocchio. Le film raconte l'histoire d'une petite marionnette, Palme, que son créateur a chargé de prendre soin de son épouse souffrante, Xian. Après la mort de celle-ci, Palme reçoit la visite d'une femme mystérieuse qu'il confond avec Xian. En proie à la tristesse, Palme accepte à sa demande de livrer quelque chose de spécial en un lieu lointain dénommé Tama. Palme se trouve ainsi embarqué dans un voyage à la découverte de ses propres émotions, et de ce que recèle la nature humaine.
Pokémon: The Movie 2000, 1h21
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about computing, Jeu, Films about video games, Films based on video games, Children's films
Actors Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ōtani, Tokuyoshi Kawashima, Mayumi Iizuka, Chinami Nishimura, Tomokazu Seki
Roles Furuura (voice)
Rating60% 3.006343.006343.006343.006343.00634
Sacha, Ondine et Jacky arrivent sur l'île de Shamouti. Les habitants leur parlent d'une légende où trois oiseaux mythiques, Artikodin, Électhor et Sulfura, règnent sur leur île respective. Au même moment Gelardan, un collectionneur Pokémon, capture les oiseaux pour sa collection personnelle et modifie donc le climat naturel de la Terre pour faire apparaître le Gardien des Abysses, Lugia.
Slayers Return, 1h1
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Actors Maria Kawamura, Megumi Hayashibara, Akiko Hiramatsu, Kenji Utsumi, Akio Ōtsuka, Kazuki Yao
Roles Selena Biatz
Rating71% 3.579653.579653.579653.579653.57965
Young sorceresses Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent travel across the world in search of adventure and money, bickering with each other along the way. They meet a girl named Saleena, who seems to be a random victim of the result of their petty food fight that ended with a powerful spell explosion. Truth is she has been already injured since when she escaped from her village of Biaz, where the evil organization Zein enslaved the population. The usually selfish Lina inexplicably agrees to help them: she has heard about an ancient elven treasure made of the nearly indestructible magical metal of orihalcon and she would like to put her hands on it. Because of Lina's suspicious behavior, the equally greedy Naga decides to follow them.
My Neighbor Totoro, 1h26
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Origin Japon
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Themes Films about children, Feminist films, Political films, Children's films
Actors Chika Sakamoto, Noriko Hidaka, Hitoshi Takagi, Shigesato Itoi, Sumi Shimamoto, Hiroko Maruyama
Rating81% 4.099234.099234.099234.099234.09923
In 1958 Japan, university professor Tatsuo Kusakabe and his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei, move into an old house to be closer to the hospital where their mother Yasuko is recovering from a long-term illness. Satsuki and Mei find that the house is inhabited by tiny animated dust creatures called susuwatari – small, dark, dust-like house spirits seen when moving from light to dark places. When the girls become comfortable in their new house and laugh with their father, the soot spirits leave the house to drift away on the wind. It is implied that they are going to find another empty house – their natural habitat.