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Alan Curtis is a Actor, Director and Producer American born on 24 july 1909 at Chicago (USA)

Alan Curtis

Alan Curtis
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Birth name Harry Ueberroth
Nationality USA
Birth 24 july 1909 at Chicago (USA)
Death 2 february 1953 (at 43 years) at New York City (USA)

Alan Curtis (July 24, 1909 - February 2, 1953) was an American film actor appearing in over 50 films.


Alan Curtis was married four times, including to actresses Priscilla Lawson and Ilona Massey.

Usually with

James Flavin
James Flavin
(7 films)
J. Roy Hunt
J. Roy Hunt
(4 films)
Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones
(4 films)
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Filmography of Alan Curtis (40 films)

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Amore e sangue, 1h26
Directed by Marino Girolami
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Action
Themes Mafia films, Gangster films
Actors María Montez, Massimo Serato, Carlo Giustini, Folco Lulli, Alan Curtis, Andrea Checchi
Roles Paolo Giacomo
Rating64% 3.203623.203623.203623.203623.20362
Peppe, membre de la Camorra, puissante mafia napolitaine, parvient à s'évader de prison et tue Paolo qui l'avait fait condamner à sa place. Dès lors Peppe est recherché par les autorités mais aussi par la Camorra elle-même...
The Pirates of Capri, 1h34
Directed by Edgar George Ulmer, Giuseppe Maria Scotese
Origin Italie
Genres Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Pirate films
Actors Louis Hayward, Binnie Barnes, Mariella Lotti, Massimo Serato, Alan Curtis, Mikhail Rasumny
Roles Commodore Van Diel
Rating63% 3.193563.193563.193563.193563.19356
En 1799, à Naples, le peuple opprimé se fournit en armes et en munitions en pillant les navires de la reine Marie-Caroline.
Renegade Girl, 1h5
Directed by William Berke
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Edward Brophy, Ann Savage, Jack Holt, Alan Curtis, Harry Cording, Russell Wade
Roles Captain Fred Raymond
Rating52% 2.6468652.6468652.6468652.6468652.646865
Taking place in rural Missouri, 1864, the area is far from the front lines and has been torn apart by partisan and guerrilla warfare, leaving it at the mercy of outlaws. Jean Shelby (Ann Savage) comes from a family of southern sympathizers, herself included. She gets information from Union soldiers and provides it to her brother with hopes of helping the confederacy. The film begins with Shelby riding on the road with her horse, as she passes flaming ruins she is approached by some Union troops who demand they meet with their superior officer, Major Barker (Jack Holt). Shelby attempts to flee, but is corned by more northern soldiers and she complies to meet with Major Barker.
Inside Job
Inside Job (1946)

Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Preston Foster, Ann Rutherford, Alan Curtis, Milburn Stone, Samuel S. Hinds, Joe Sawyer
Roles Edward "Eddie" Norton
Rating61% 3.0981853.0981853.0981853.0981853.098185
An ex-con has a choice of losing his job or participating in a robbery.
The Naughty Nineties, 1h16
Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Crime, Romance
Themes Buddy films
Actors Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Alan Curtis, Rita Johnson, Lois Collier, Henry Travers
Roles Mr. Crawford
Rating72% 3.6446653.6446653.6446653.6446653.644665
The time is the 1890s. Captain Sam (Henry Travers), owner of the showboat River Queen, travels along the Mississippi River bringing honest entertainment to each town. At a stop in Ironville, he meets Crawford (Alan Curtis), Bonita (Rita Johnson), and Bailey (Joe Sawyer), who are wanted by the local sheriff. Against the advice of his daughter Caroline (Lois Collier), his lead actor Dexter Broadhurst (Bud Abbott), and his chief roustabout Sebastian Dinwiddle (Lou Costello), the Captain joins them for a card game at a local gambling house.
See My Lawyer, 1h7
Directed by Edward F. Cline
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Ole Olsen, Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Alan Curtis, Noah Beery, Jr, Franklin Pangborn
Roles Charlie Rodman
Rating66% 3.3177053.3177053.3177053.3177053.317705
Phantom Lady, 1h27
Directed by Robert Siodmak
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Actors Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, Alan Curtis, Elisha Cook, Jr., Thomas Gomez, Regis Toomey
Roles Scott Henderson
Rating71% 3.595623.595623.595623.595623.59562
After a fight with his wife on their anniversary, Scott Henderson (Alan Curtis), a 32-year-old engineer, picks up an equally unhappy woman in a bar and they take a taxi to see a show. The woman refuses to tell him anything about herself. The star of the show, Estela Monteiro (Aurora Miranda), becomes furious when she notices that both she and the mystery woman are wearing the same unusual hat. When Henderson returns home, he finds Police Inspector Burgess (Thomas Gomez) and two of his men waiting to question him; his wife has been strangled with one of his neckties. Henderson has a solid alibi, but the bartender, taxi driver and Monteiro deny seeing the phantom lady. Henderson cannot even clearly describe the woman. He is tried and sentenced to death.
The Invisible Man's Revenge, 1h18
Directed by Ford Beebe
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Films based on science fiction novels, Invisibilité
Actors Jon Hall, John Carradine, Leon Errol, Evelyn Ankers, Gale Sondergaard, Alan Curtis
Roles Mark Foster
Rating59% 2.951022.951022.951022.951022.95102
An eager scientist (John Carradine) tests his new formula for invisibility on an escaped fugitive (Jon Hall). When the formula works the criminal runs off to terrorize a family he believes cheated him out of a fortune years earlier.
Destiny (1944)
, 1h5
Directed by Julien Duvivier, Reginald Le Borg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Medical-themed films, Films about disabilities, La cécité
Actors Gloria Jean, Alan Curtis, Frank Craven, Minna Gombell, Frank Fenton (Moran), Gayne Whitman
Roles Cliff Banks
Rating61% 3.0868253.0868253.0868253.0868253.086825
A fugitive from the law (Curtis) becomes the victim of several double-crosses, eventually finding refuge with a blind girl (Jean) and her father (Craven) at a secluded farmhouse.
Two Tickets to London, 1h18
Directed by Edwin L. Marin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Western
Themes Political films
Actors Michèle Morgan, C. Aubrey Smith, Alan Curtis, Barry Fitzgerald, Dooley Wilson, Robert Warwick
Roles Capitaine en second Dan Driscoll
Rating70% 3.5167253.5167253.5167253.5167253.516725
Durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Dan Driscoll, soupçonné d'avoir provoqué le torpillage d'un navire dont il était capitaine en second, est accusé de trahison. Il parvient à s'enfuir et reçoit l'aide de Jeanne, chanteuse de cabaret et sœur de l'une des victimes, afin de démasquer le véritable traître...
Gung Ho!
Gung Ho! (1943)
, 1h28
Directed by Ray Enright
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Underwater action films, Submarine films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Randolph Scott, Noah Beery, Jr, Alan Curtis, J. Carrol Naish, Sam Levene, Robert Mitchum
Roles John Harbison
Rating61% 3.098063.098063.098063.098063.09806
The film begins with a tough Greek Lieutenant (J. Carrol Naish) announcing that the United States Marine Corps is seeking volunteers for a hazardous mission and special unit. Sergeant "Transport" Anderof (Sam Levene) meets the commander of the unit, Lieutenant Colonel Thorwald (Randolph Scott) who he has served with in the China Marines. Thorwald explains that he left the Corps to serve with the Chinese guerrillas fighting the Japanese during the Second Sino-Japanese War to learn their methods and has decided to form a unit using the qualities of Gung Ho or "work together".