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Alice Evans is a Actor British born on 2 august 1971 at Bristol (United-kingdom)

Alice Evans

Alice Evans
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Birth name Alice Jane Evans
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 2 august 1971 (49 years) at Bristol (United-kingdom)

Alice Jane Evans is an American-born British actress.


Evans first met actor Ioan Gruffudd during the filming of 102 Dalmatians, while she was in her eight-year relationship with Olivier Widmaier Picasso, a grandson of painter Pablo Picasso. She lived with Picasso in Paris, and they became engaged but later broke up.

Gruffudd stated on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that he and Evans became engaged on New Year's Day 2006 after Evans gave him an ultimatum, declaring that after 7 years together she wasn't going to hang around any longer unless she was his wife. They married on 14 September 2007 in Mexico. The couple resides in Los Angeles, California and has two children.

Best films

102 Dalmatians (2000)
Brüno (2009)

Usually with

Peter Howitt
Peter Howitt
(1 films)
Dan Mazer
Dan Mazer
(1 films)
Tim McInnerny
Tim McInnerny
(2 films)
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Filmography of Alice Evans (13 films)

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Liars All
Liars All (2013)
, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Thriller
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Matt Lanter, Sara Paxton, Gillian Zinser, Randy Wayne, Darin Lee Brooks, Henry Hereford
Roles Sandra
Rating42% 2.118492.118492.118492.118492.11849
This psychological thriller finds a college group of friends playing Truth or Dare on New Years Eve in London. A pop singer, Casey, (Stephanie McIntosh) is dating Dennis, (Torrance Coombs) a ladies' man and soccer star. Dennis' former girlfriend, Missy, (Gillian Zinser) is a psycho stalker. Mike (Matt Lanter) loves Missy but she only sees him as a friend. During the game we learn background about the players, like Mike and Katie (Sara Paxton) were first loves.
Brüno (2009)
, 1h21
Directed by Larry Charles
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes La mode, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Sacha Baron Cohen, Lainie Kazan, Alice Evans, Gustaf Hammarsten, Harrison Ford, Josh Meyers
Rating57% 2.898862.898862.898862.898862.89886
Gay Austrian fashion reporter Brüno Gehard is fired from his own television show, Funkyzeit mit Brüno (Funkytime with Brüno) after disrupting a Milan Fashion week catwalk (whose audience included Paul McCartney), and his lover Diesel leaves him for another man. Accompanied by his assistant's assistant, Lutz, he travels to the United States to become "the biggest gay Austrian celebrity since Hitler".
Dangerous Parking
Directed by Peter Howitt
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Themes Films about alcoholism, Medical-themed films, Films about drugs
Actors Saffron Burrows, Sean Pertwee, Rachael Stirling, Alice Evans, Tom Conti, Peter Howitt
Roles Etta
Rating66% 3.342233.342233.342233.342233.34223
Dangerous Parking tells the story of Noah Arkwright, a cult director in the indie film world, whose life is dominated by alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.
The Christmas Card, 1h24
Directed by Stephen Bridgewater
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Christmas films
Actors John Newton, Alice Evans, Edward Asnere, Peter Jason, Lois Nettleton, Ben Weber
Roles Faith Spelman
Rating69% 3.498113.498113.498113.498113.49811
In the midst of war in Afghanistan, Cody Cullen (John Newton) is touched by a Christmas card sent by Faith Spelman (Alice Evans) from the small, picturesque town of Nevada City, California. As months pass, the card never leaves his side, giving him the strength to survive and setting him on a mission to find her.
Fascination, 1h35
Origin German
Genres Thriller, Crime, Romance
Actors James Naughton, Jacqueline Bisset, Adam Garcia, Stuart Wilson, Alice Evans
Roles Kelly Vance
Rating37% 1.8632651.8632651.8632651.8632651.863265
Young Scott Doherty (Adam Garcia) gets suspicious when his mother (Jacqueline Bisset) plans to wed Oliver Vance (Stuart Wilson) soon after her husband's untimely death. Scott investigates with Oliver's pretty daughter, Kelly (Alice Evans), who shared Scott's doubts about the upcoming nuptials. Along the way, he falls in love with Kelly, but a fatal explosion turns Scott's life upside down - and the evidence points to him as the murderer. Has he been framed?
Blackball (2003)
, 1h36
Directed by Mel Smith
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films
Actors Paul Kaye, Alice Evans, Vince Vaughn, Johnny Vegas, James Cromwell, Bernard Cribbins
Roles Kerry
Rating56% 2.800382.800382.800382.800382.80038
Cliff Starkey (played by Paul Kaye), is a rebellious young bowls player. He dreams of playing for his country but always preferring to play by his own rules, was always disapproved by the local bowls club. After winning the local competition, he is subsequently banned from competing in the sport for fifteen years by Ray Speight (James Cromwell), the head of the local lawn bowls association, for writing an expletive on an opponent's scorecard. Picked up by sports agent Rick Schwartz (Vince Vaughn), Starkey is re-branded as the "bad boy of bowls", turning the normally sedate sport into a glitzy, in-your-face competition. He and Speight take on Australia's unbeaten Doohan brothers in "The Ashes", a one-off tournament in a custom-made bowls arena in Torquay. They make a comeback thanks to Speight's experience and Starkey's extravagance, while Cliff also bends the rules to the maximum to force the game into extra time, much to the disbelief of Carl and Mark Doohan.
The Abduction Club, 1h37
Directed by Stefan Schwartz
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Historical
Actors Alice Evans, Daniel Lapaine, Sophia Myles, Matthew Rhys, Liam Cunningham, Edward Woodward
Roles Catherine Kennedy
Rating66% 3.346913.346913.346913.346913.34691
Set in 18th century Ireland, the story follows the exploits of two financially destitute young bachelors, Garrett Byrne and James Strang. Both being younger sons, and therefore not eligible to inherit titles and estates, they become members of an infamous society known as the 'Abduction Club', whose main aim is to woo and then abduct wealthy heiresses in order to marry them (therefore providing themselves with financial security). The men decide to set their sights on the beautiful yet feisty Kennedy sisters, Catherine and Anne, but are unprepared for the negative reaction they are to receive, and they soon find themselves on the run across the glorious Irish countryside (with the sisters in tow) from Anne's cold-hearted admirer, John Power, who doesn't take kindly to the news of their kidnapping, and with the help of the embittered Attorney General Lord Fermoy, implicates Byrne and Strang in the murder of a Redcoat soldier.
My Wife's Name Is Maurice, 1h42
Directed by Jean-Marie Poiré
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Théâtre, Transgender in film, Films based on plays, LGBT-related film
Actors Alice Evans, Régis Laspalès, Philippe Chevallier, Götz Otto, Anémone, Martin Lamotte
Roles Emmanuelle
Rating39% 1.997191.997191.997191.997191.99719
Georges, un agent immobilier infidèle qui a des soucis conjugaux, décide de faire appel à un certain Maurice Lappin (bénévole dans une association caritative, et employé à mi-temps à La Poste) pour se faire passer pour sa femme dans l'espoir de se débarrasser de sa maîtresse, reconquérir son épouse et éviter la confrontation entre elles.
102 Dalmatians, 1h40
Directed by Kevin Lima
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Films about birds, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Glenn Close, Ioan Gruffudd, Alice Evans, Tim McInnerny, David Horovitch, Ian William Richardson
Roles Chloe Simon
Rating49% 2.4583552.4583552.4583552.4583552.458355
After three years in prison, Cruella de Vil (Glenn Close) has been cured of her desire for fur coats by Dr. Pavlov (David Horovitch) and is released into the custody of the probation office on the provision that she will be forced to pay the remainder of her fortune (eight million pounds) to all the dog shelters in the borough of Westminster should she repeat her crime. Cruella therefore mends her working relationship with her valet Alonso (Tim McInnerny) and has him lock away all her fur coats. Cruella's probation officer, Chloe Simon (Alice Evans), nevertheless suspects her, partly because Chloe is the owner of the now-adult Dipstick (one of the original 15 puppies of the previous film). Dipstick's mate Dottie has recently given birth to three puppies: Domino, Little Dipper, and Oddball, whereof Oddball lacks spots.
One 4 All
One 4 All (1999)
, 2h2
Directed by Claude Lelouch
Origin France
Genres Comedy, Romance
Themes Escroquerie
Actors Olivia Bonamy, Marianne Denicourt, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Alessandra Martines, Anne Parillaud, Anouk Aimée
Roles Macha Desachy
Rating49% 2.47582.47582.47582.47582.4758
Trois comédiennes en pleine galère décident d'utiliser leurs talents pour dépouiller des hommes riches, en faisant semblant de tomber amoureuses d'eux. Leur mécanique bien rodée achoppe sur les hasards de la vie...
Monsieur Naphtali
Directed by Olivier Schatzky
Origin France
Genres Comedy
Actors Élie Kakou, Gilbert Melki, Alice Evans, Isabelle Ferron, Jean-Marie Lamour, Cylia Malki
Roles Caroline
Rating51% 2.5705652.5705652.5705652.5705652.570565
"Monsieur Naphtali", c'est l'histoire d'un homme qui ne veut pas grandir et considere le monde et la vie avec un regard d'enfant. Un jour, M. Naphtali arrive dans une grande ville avec sa petite valise chargee de souvenirs d'enfances. Il rencontre une jeune fille gentille qui l'introduit dans le monde des adultes. Il rencontre ainsi un ecrivain, une epouse et une soeur, un chirurgien et un juge d'insctruction. Naphtali fait un triomphe car il connait tout de Petula Clark aux livres d'heures du Moyen Age. Pourtant, il va semer la pagaille dans ce petit monde!
Rewind (1998)

Directed by Sergio Gobbi
Origin France
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Crime
Actors Raoul Bova, Maruschka Detmers, Niels Arestrup, Luca Zingaretti, Cécile Pallas, André Oumansky
Roles Helga
Rating48% 2.427212.427212.427212.427212.42721
Paul Mansart purge une peine de prison à vie pour avoir participé à l'attentat d'un diplomate au cours duquel trois de ses complices ont été abattus. Dix ans plus tard des meurtres sont commis dans des circonstances etrangement identiques. Les services secrets font alors appel au juge qui avait condamne Mansart et à deux psychologues spécialisés dans l'exploration des mondes virtuels. Pour découvrir ce qui s'est réellement passé, on demande à Mansart de revivre l'attentat qu'il a commis en le forcant à se replonger dans un passé douloureux.