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Allen Payne is a Actor American born on 7 july 1968 at Harlem (USA)

Allen Payne

Allen Payne
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Birth name Allen Roberts
Nationality USA
Birth 7 july 1968 (55 years) at Harlem (USA)

Allen Payne (born July 7, 1968) is an American film and television actor, best known for his role as C.J. Payne on Tyler Perry's House of Payne television series as well as his portrayal of a drug lord sidekick opposite Wesley Snipes in the 1991 film New Jack City.


Payne est né Allen Roberts dans le quartier d'Harlem à New York de parents afro-américains. Il apparaît pour la première fois à la télévision en 1990 dans le Cosby Show, où il interprète pendant deux saisons Lance Rodman, le petit ami de Charmaine. En 1992, il joue Marcus Stokes dans un épisode de la deuxième saison du Prince de Bel-Air. Il fait également une apparition dans Malcolm & Eddie où il interprète Preston.

Payne est apparu dans de nombreux films : en 1994, il obtient le premier rôle de Jason's Lyric avec Jada Pinkett Smith. Il a également un rôle de premier plan dans la comédie CB4 produite par Nelson George , dont le scénario est de George et Chris Rock, où il joue « Dead Mike » - une parodie de hip-hop où il partage la vedette avec Chris Rock, Charlie Murphy et Khandi Alexander et dans lequel Ice-T, Ice Cube, Shaquille O'Neal, Flavor Flav et Eazy-E apparaissent dans des caméos. Il est aussi apparu dans New Jack City, Un vampire à Brooklyn, Double Platinum , et En pleine tempête.

Il a également étudié la danse sur la 52e rue à Camden.

En 2006, il obtient l'un des rôles principaux de la série Tyler Perry's House of Payne , un rôle qu'il interprète jusqu'à la fin de la série en 2012. Il est également apparu dans le clip vidéo de Stacy Lattisaw I'm Not The Same Girl.

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CB4 (1993)

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Crossover (2006)
, 1h51
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Sports films, Basketball films
Actors Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan, Wayne Brady, Marcello Thedford, Allen Payne, Eva Marcille
Roles Kemp
Rating22% 1.105631.105631.105631.105631.10563
Noah Cruise (Wesley Jonathan) is a naturally talented basketball player who receives an athletic scholarship to UCLA after the death of his mother where he moves to the suburbs. Although he is a skilled player, Cruise wishes to use his scholarship to obtain a career in the medical field. He has to deal with external forces that come with his talent, most notably pushy sports agent Vaughn (Wayne Brady) and his two best friends Tech (Anthony Mackie) and Up (Lil' JJ). Vaughn pressures Cruise to pursue a career in professional sports, while Tech, also a basketball prodigy, dreams of beating his rival Jewelz (Champion) in a streetball competition. Tech is also struggling to obtain his GED to move past his Detroit surroundings and an assault charge that he took to protect Cruise. The friends meet two women along the way, Vanessa (Eva Pigford) and Eboni (Alecia Fears), and they head to Los Angeles on a trip that will change their lives forever.
Playas Ball, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Allen Payne, Elise Neal, Treach, Jordana Spiro, Tasha Smith, Tracey Cherelle Jones
Roles Cedric Tinsley
Rating49% 2.489742.489742.489742.489742.48974
Cedric Tinsley (Allen Payne) is a 27-year-old professional basketball player. He is on the verge of signing a lucrative endorsement contract and proposing to his attractive girlfriend Jill Hamlin (Chelsi Smith) when Tonya Jenkins (Jordana Spiro) accuses him of fathering her son, and declares her intention of suing him for child support. Cedric claims that he has never met Tonya and must fight to preserve his reputation, his relationships, and his career.
30 Years to Life, 1h50
Directed by Vanessa Middleton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance
Actors Allen Payne, Erika Alexander, Melissa De Sousa, Kadeem Hardison, Paula Jai Parker, Tracy Morgan
Roles Malik
Rating59% 2.9577952.9577952.9577952.9577952.957795
A handful of close friends, due to turn 30, discover that their dreams for the future are running headfirst into the realities of adulthood in this character-driven comedy-drama. Natalie is a banker who is happy with her job, but is tired of being single, and her pursuit of a husband is taking her down several blind alleys in the world of dating. Joy has developed a similar desire to settle down and get married, but while she has a long-term boyfriend, Leland, he is not so sure he wants to make a lifetime commitment. Troy is a comic who has been on the verge of a career breakthrough for years, but he is starting to wonder if his big break is ever going to arrive. Malik is a white-collar executive who thinks life is passing him by, and is pondering giving up a stable career to start over as a male model. And Stephanie is comfortable with her job in real estate, but she is not so comfortable with herself as she struggles with a weight problem she's had since childhood.
Blue Hill Avenue, 2h
Directed by Craig Ross, Jr.
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Allen Payne, Angelle Brooks, Michael Taliferro, Andrew Divoff, Clarence Williams III, Aaron D. Spears
Roles Tristan
Rating63% 3.1531953.1531953.1531953.1531953.153195
Four friends—Tristan (the leader), Simon (the right-hand man), E-Bone (the hot head) and Money (the mediator)--are street smart kids growing up in the tough Roxbury section of Boston in the 1980s. Starting out as small-time dope dealers on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury, they eventually go to work for Benny, a major player in the Boston crime scene. As the four friends grow up and become the biggest dealers in the city, things become increasingly heated: Tristan's wife wants him to leave the business because she's pregnant, Tristan finds out his sister is hooked on drugs and is alienated from his family, Simon becomes obsessed with a near-death experience and expects to die, cops dog their tracks trying every trick in and out of the book to catch them, and Benny, their main supplier, wants them out of the business for good. Worse, it becomes clear one of the four is trying to sell the others out to the cops. In the end, Tristan faces Benny down, after losing his friends, and is able to get out of the business—and the life—for good.
The Perfect Storm, 2h10
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, La fin du monde, Seafaring films, Météorologie, Transport films, Films about the labor movement, Disaster films, American disaster films, Films about seafaring accidents or incidents
Actors George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane, John C. Reilly, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, William Fichtner
Roles Alfred Pierre
Rating64% 3.2497453.2497453.2497453.2497453.249745
In October 1991, the commercial fishing boat Andrea Gail returns to port in Gloucester, Massachusetts, with a poor catch. Desperate for money, Captain Billy Tyne (Clooney), convinces the Andrea Gail crew to join him for one more late season fishing expedition. The crew heads out past their usual fishing grounds in the Grand Banks, leaving a developing thunderstorm behind them. Initially unsuccessful, they head to the Flemish Cap, where their luck improves. At the height of their fishing the ice machine breaks; the only way to sell their catch before it spoils is to hurry back to shore. After debating whether to sail through the building storm or to wait it out, the crew decides to risk the storm. However, between the Andrea Gail and Gloucester is a confluence of two powerful weather fronts and a hurricane, which the Andrea Gail crew underestimates.
Double Platinum, 1h34
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Christine Ebersole, Allen Payne, Diana Ross, Brandy, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Harvey Fierstein
Roles Ric Ortega
Rating59% 2.9631652.9631652.9631652.9631652.963165
The film tells the story of a woman feeling unfulfilled and unappreciated in her life so she decides to abandon her husband and infant daughter in order to pursue her dreams of superstardom. The story starts off by showing aspiring vocalist, Olivia King (Diana Ross) performing at small lounge in Atlanta, 1981. As she takes a break from her performance she heads backstage to see her infant daughter, Kayla (Jayda Brown). A music executive approaches King at the bar and tells her she is talented and should move to the bigger market of New York City to fulfill her dreams. Olivia King initially denies his request and goes home to her husband ((Brian Stokes Mitchell)). King is shown trying to explain her night to her husband and tell him about the music executive but he brushes her off and tells her moving to New York City is a bad idea. Feeling depressed, conflicted and trapped in her marriage, Olivia King leaves her home in the middle of the night whispering to her daughter that she can't take her along, but will be back for her. The movie then picks back up in St.Louis, Missouri 18 years later and it is shown that Kayla Harris (Brandy Norwood), now 19 years old, has won a contest to meet famous superstar Olivia King. Kayla at this time does not know that Olivia is her mother, but she grew up being a huge fan of Ms. Olivia King and is extremely excited to meet her idol, completely ignorant to the truth. After enjoying the concert, Kayla then gets the second part of her prize which includes having dinner with Olivia King, at dinner Kayla lets Olivia know that she also would like to be a singer and invites Olivia to a small performance she would be doing. When Kayla gets home from dinner, her father asks her how it went and he is shocked to hear that the star Kayla got to meet was Olivia King, though he knows the truth he does not press the issue further as he sees his daughter is still in the dark. Next, Kayla is shown getting ready to perform, and she begins to worry that Olivia will not show up but sure enough Olivia shows up as Kayla starts to sing. Kayla is ecstatic that her idol has shown up but after the show Olivia pulls her aside and reveals to Kayla who she really is. Kayla is stunned and upset, she quickly leaves. Kayla is shaken, she argues with her father and refuses to speak to her mother even when Olivia offers to help her with her career. Kayla's best friend advises her to accept Olivia's help with her music career as it is the least she owes her.
A Price Above Rubies, 1h57
Directed by Boaz Yakin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about religion, Films about Jews and Judaism
Actors Renée Zellweger, Julianna Margulies, Christopher Eccleston, Allen Payne, Glenn Fitzgerald, Kim Hunter
Roles Ramon Garcia
Rating64% 3.244253.244253.244253.244253.24425
The film tells the story of Sonia (Zellweger), a young Brooklyn woman who has just given birth to her first child. She is married, through an arranged marriage, to Mendel (Glenn Fitzgerald), a devout Hasidic Jew who is too immersed in his studies to give his wife the attention she craves. As a result, Sonia develops a relationship with Mendel's brother, the jeweler Sender (Eccleston), who brings her into the business. Sender is the only release for Sonia's repressed sexuality, and he takes full advantage of that fact as often as he can, but she is repelled by his utter lack of morals as she finds balance between what she feels and what she has been taught is "sinful". The jewelery business brings her into close contact with the young Puerto Rican artist and jewelery designer Ramon (Payne), but when Sender finds out about their connection he reveals it to the family, and Sonia is divorced and ostracized. The film ends on a more tolerance-friendly note, with Sonia balancing desire and every day life, and Mendel accepting her differences with a blessing and the promise to restore custody of their son.
Vampire in Brooklyn, 1h42
Directed by Wes Craven
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film, Comedy horror films
Actors Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, Allen Payne, Kadeem Hardison, John Witherspoon, Zakes Mokae
Roles Detective Justice
Rating46% 2.305412.305412.305412.305412.30541
An abandoned ship crashes into a dockyard in Brooklyn, New York, and the ship inspector, Silas Green, finds it full of corpses. Elsewhere, Julius Jones, Silas's nephew, has a run-in with some Italian mobsters. Just as the two goons are about to kill Julius, Maximillian, a suave, mysterious vampire (who arrived on the ship in his intricately carved coffin), intervenes and kills them. Soon after, Maximillian infects Julius with his vampiric blood, turning Julius into a decaying ghoul and claiming that it has benefits; he then explains that he has come to Brooklyn in search of the Dhampir daughter of a vampire from his native Caribbean island in order to live beyond the night of the next full moon.
The Walking Dead, 1h28
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Fantastic
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Allen Payne, Joe Morton, Eddie Griffin, Bernie Mac, Ion Overman, Jean-Claude La Marre
Roles Cole Evans
Rating49% 2.4712852.4712852.4712852.4712852.471285
In 1972 North Vietnam, short-timer Marines are dispatched by helicopter to conduct their last mission: to evacuate the survivors from a POW camp abandoned by the Viet Cong. The landing zone - which they expect to be cold - is actually hot (under fire) and after a short fight, only four members of the rescue mission survive. SSgt. Barkley and Hoover have a brief fight after Hoover wants to radio for an evacuation and Barkley insists they finish the mission. During their fight a mortar lands nearby, knocking them both into a swamp. Barkley saves Branche from drowning. They are joined shortly by Brooks and Evans. The soldiers defer to the ranking Marine, SSgt. Barkley, who insists that they press on to a nearby cathedral. They reach the building and kill several NVA soldiers. At morning, they are planning their next move when they are ambushed by more NVA soldiers including tree snipers. After a firefight they manage to kill the soldiers with the help of Cpl. Pippins, who appears from the brush and also begins attacking them. After subduing Pippins they look for the rest of his platoon and discover them murdered and their radio missing. They decide to tie Pippins up and bring him along as they march toward the POW camp. The group then recollect about each of their individual reasons for joining the Marines. SSgt Barkley was a preacher at a church until he came home to his bedroom seeing his wife in bed having sex with another man, Barkley shoots and kills the man and catches the train out of town. Hoover works for a meat packing place until he got fired for stealing meat. Cole tries to buy a new house, but he is turned down by the real estate agent,because of his credit. Brooks tells his girlfriend that he's joining the Marine Corps to be like his grandfather, Pippins was working for Ray until he is killed by gangsters and chased into the military enlistment line without getting caught. While Cole and Barkley go ahead to survey the area, Hoover and Brooks smoke cannabis and talk about Brooks' girlfriend, who just dumped him via the mail. During their break, Pippins escapes and takes Brooks' pistol. The four men regroup and head out without Pippins. When they reach the camp, they discover a deranged Pippins holding a Vietnamese woman hostage. After killing the woman in front of them, Pippis turns on them with a gun and is killed by SSgt. Barkley. After seeing the camp is empty, the men realize they are expendable decoys. They radio in and are informed that the Marines cleared the POW camp four hours earlier, and that they have 20 minutes to reach their pickup point before the entire area is bombed. As the men go to leave bombs begin dropping on them. They escape the bombardment and head through the jungle to the landing zone, but are ambushed by more NVA soldiers. Brooks is killed, and Cole and Barkley wounded. Hoover goes back and rescues Barkley and the three men are evacuated by helicopter. During an epilogue, we are told that Cole became a career Marine who retired after 20 years of service, SSgt. Barkley took a job counseling troubled teens in Georgia, and Hoover went back home, married his girlfriend and opened up his own business.
The Tuskegee Airmen, 1h41
Directed by Robert Markowitz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors Laurence Fishburne, Allen Payne, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Courtney B. Vance, Andre Braugher, Christopher McDonald
Roles Walter Peoples
Rating70% 3.5486153.5486153.5486153.5486153.548615
During World War II, Hannibal Lee (Laurence Fishburne), traveling by train to Tuskegee, Alabama, is joined by other African American men from different backgrounds. At the start of their training, they are met by 2nd Lt. Glenn (Courtney B. Vance), who had joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and was credited with three kills. During training, Lewis Johns (Mekhi Phifer), and his instructor are killed when they fail to recover from a stall. Walter Peoples III (Allen Payne), who already has a pilot's license, performs an unauthorized aerobatic maneuver in order to impress Hannibal, but this results in him being removed from the training program. To avoid going home in disgrace, he commits suicide by deliberately crashing an aircraft.
Jason's Lyric, 2h
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Hip hop films, Gangster films
Actors Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett Smith, Bokeem Woodbine, Treach, Eddie Griffin, Suzzanne Douglas
Roles Jason Alexander
Rating65% 3.2993853.2993853.2993853.2993853.299385
Jason (Allen Payne) is a responsible young man who has a job in a television repair shop and lives at home with his hard-working mom (Suzzanne Douglas). Joshua (Bokeem Woodbine) is the younger brother just released from prison. He is a volatile, disturbed ex-con who is obviously bound for a violent end. Joshua deals drugs for short-term cash and joins a crew plotting a bank robbery.
CB4 (1993)
, 1h29
Directed by Tamra Davis
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical
Themes Films about music and musicians, Hip hop films, Musical films, Gangster films
Actors Khandi Alexander, Allen Payne, Chris Rock, Deezer D, Phil Hartman, Chris Elliott
Roles Euripides / Dead Mike
Rating61% 3.098853.098853.098853.098853.09885
Three young friends and aspiring rappers, Albert (Chris Rock), Euripides (Allen Payne), and Otis (Deezer D) want to make their big break. The trio have talent, but no marketable image. In order to get their name heard, they appeal to local crime kingpin and nightclub owner Gusto (Charlie Murphy) along with his sidekick and henchman 40 Dog (Ty Granderson Jones) to ask for a spot on the bill at his club, but during a failed meeting the police rush in and throw Gusto in jail.
New Jack City, 1h37
Directed by Mario Van Peebles
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs, Hip hop films, Gangster films
Actors Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Mario Van Peebles, Judd Nelson, Russell Wong, Allen Payne
Roles Garald "Gee Money" Welles
Rating65% 3.299813.299813.299813.299813.29981
Nino Brown and his gang, the Cash Money Brothers, become the dominant drug ring in New York City once crack cocaine is introduced to the streets during the late 1980s. His gang consists of his best friend, Gee Money; enforcer Duh Duh Duh Man; gun moll Keisha; Nino's girlfriend, Selina, and her tech-savvy cousin, Kareem. Nino converts the Carter, an apartment complex, into a crack house. Gee Money and Keisha kill rival Fat Smitty, the CMB throws out the tenants, and Nino forces the landlord out onto the streets naked. Undercover detective Scotty Appleton attempts to make a deal with stick-up kid Pookie, but Pookie runs off with the money. Scotty chases Pookie and shoots him in the leg, but the police let him go.
Rooftops (1989)
, 1h38
Directed by Robert Wise
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Musical, Crime
Themes Dance films, Musical films
Actors Jason Gedrick, Troy Beyer, Eddie Velez, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Lauren Tom, Alexis Cruz
Roles Kadim
Rating47% 2.366012.366012.366012.366012.36601
Un groupe de jeunes du Lower East Side (New-York) s'installent sur le toit d'un immeuble abandonné.