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Ana de la Reguera is a Actor Mexicaine born on 8 april 1977 at Veracruz (Mexique)

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera
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Birth name Anabell Gardoqui de la Reguera
Nationality Mexique
Birth 8 april 1977 (43 years) at Veracruz (Mexique)

Anabell Gardoqui "Ana" de la Reguera ([ˈana ðe la reˈɣeɾa]; born April 8, 1977) is a Mexican actress who has starred in telenovelas, films, and the HBO television series Eastbound & Down.


Ana de la Reguera est née à Veracruz (Mexique), où elle a étudié.

Elle a commencé sa carrière dans des telenovelas.

Usually with

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder
(1 films)
Bigas Luna
Bigas Luna
(1 films)
Robb Cullen
Robb Cullen
(1 films)
Jack Black
Jack Black
(1 films)
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Filmography of Ana de la Reguera (18 films)

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Army of the Dead
Directed by Zack Snyder
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Zombie films, Heist films, Gangster films, Escroquerie
Actors David Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Huma Qureshi, Garret Dillahunt
Roles Cruz

Des mercenaires décident de pénétrer dans une zone de quarantaine à Las Vegas pour y commettre un braquage.
Everything, Everything, 1h36
Directed by Stella Meghie
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Ana de la Reguera, Dan Payne, Sage Brocklebank
Roles Carla Romero
Rating64% 3.2353453.2353453.2353453.2353453.235345
Maddy est une jeune femme de dix-huit ans souffrant d'un déficit immunitaire combiné sévère, l'obligeant à rester chez elle, sous surveillance. Un jour, elle fait la connaissance de son nouveau voisin, Olly. Ils commencent à sympathiser et tombent amoureux l'un de l'autre. Cependant, cette relation est menacée par la pathologie de Maddy, la coupant du monde extérieur.
Sun Belt Express, 1h31
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Transport films, Road movies
Actors India Ennenga, Tate Donovan, Rachael Harris, Miguel Sandoval, Stephen Lang, Ana de la Reguera
Roles Ana
Rating62% 3.102263.102263.102263.102263.10226
Former ethics Professor Allen King (Tate Donovan) has some problems. After being terminated for plagiarizing the work of a student, he hits a personal rock bottom. To survive and get the cash he needs to cover his ex-wife Margaret's (Rachael Harris) expenses , he ends up shuttling illegal immigrants across the border and into Arizona from Mexico. On his most recent trip, he is accompanied by his pregnant Mexican girlfriend Anna (Ana de la Reguera) and his teenage daughter Emily (India Ennenga). While still south of the US border and with three undocumented immigrants supplied by human trafficker Ramon Velazquez (Miguel Sandoval) stuffed in the trunk of the car, the party crosses paths with crooked US Border Patrol officers Rick (Stephen Lang]) and Cass (Michael Sirow).
Jessabelle (2014)
, 1h29
Directed by Kevin Greutert
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantastic, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Mark Webber, Sarah Snook, David Andrews, Joelle Carter, Chris Ellis, Amber Stevens West
Roles Rosaura
Rating54% 2.7003452.7003452.7003452.7003452.700345
Jessie Laurent, short for Jessabelle, is moving into her fiancé’s house. They have a car accident, killing the fiancé, causing Jessie to have a miscarriage and leaving her unable to walk. The hospital arranges for Jesse's Dad, whom she hasn’t seen for years, to pick her up. Back at her Dad’s house in St. Francis, Louisiana, Jessie is given her mother’s room on the main floor, allowing her to move around in her wheelchair. Jessie's mother died when she was a baby. That night she briefly sees a ghost woman in her bedroom.
The Book of Life, 1h35
Directed by Jorge R. Gutiérrez
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Romance
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Christina Applegate, Ice Cube, Cheech Marin
Roles Carmen Sánchez (voice)
Rating73% 3.652543.652543.652543.652543.65254
A museum tour guide named Mary Beth takes a group of children on a tour of Mexican folk myths and legends. She tells them the story of the Mexican town of San Angel from the Book of Life, which holds every story in the world.
The Crime of Cacaro Gumaro
Genres Comedy
Actors Ana de la Reguera
Roles Claudianita
Rating43% 2.167562.167562.167562.167562.16756
In the village of San Andrés Güépez there is a small cinema called Cine Linterna Mújica. One day during a projection of the Olores Perros movie, the cinema owner and cácaro Don Toribio Mújica, falls from the projection room while trying to unjam his tie of the projection machine. From the town hospital, Don Toribio sends for his sons Gumaro and Archimboldo to give a message to everyone before he died; each at the time had made his life in different places: Gumaro as a clerk in a chicano burrito restaurant and Archimboldo in a cabaret from Mexico City doing tranzas as clone credit cards, steal wallets and cell phones of the customers and serve them Alka Seltzer instead of champagne or wine. Both return Güépez, and his father says in his deathbed what each should do from now on (not before hinting rave and the famous Guillermo López Langarica "The Canaca"). During the funeral of Don Toribio, the 2 brothers start fighting and they're stopped by Don Cuino Melendez De La Popocha, Güépez permanent president, even asking them to go the next day to his office to read the Toribio's testament.
Cowboys & Aliens, 1h58
Directed by Jon Favreau
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Western
Themes Space adventure films, Dans l'espace, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Disaster films
Actors Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Abigail Spencer, Sam Rockwell, Clancy Brown
Roles Maria
Rating59% 2.9955052.9955052.9955052.9955052.995505
In 1873, New Mexico Territory, an unnamed loner (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the desert being injured with no memory and with a strange metal object on his wrist. After killing three drifters who think he might be worth bounty money, he takes their clothes, weapons and a horse. He wanders into the small town of Absolution where the local preacher Meacham (Clancy Brown) treats his wound. After the stranger subdues Percy Dolarhyde (Paul Dano), a volatile drunk who has been terrorizing the town, Sheriff Taggart (Keith Carradine) recognizes the stranger as Jake Lonergan, a wanted outlaw, and attempts to arrest him. Jake beats up the posse sent to take him in and nearly escapes, but a mysterious woman named Ella Swenson (Olivia Wilde) knocks him out. Taggart prepares to transport both Jake and Percy to Santa Fe for trial.
Cop Out
Cop Out (2010)
, 1h47
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Buddy films
Actors Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Ana de la Reguera, Rashida Jones, Adam Brody
Roles Gabriela
Rating55% 2.799462.799462.799462.799462.79946
James "Jimmy" Monroe and Paul Hodges (Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan) are cops working for the NYPD who celebrated their ninth year together as partners. After failing to capture suspect Juan Diaz (Cory Fernandez) and for causing a dangerous neighborhood shootout and beating up a child, Jimmy and Paul are suspended without pay. Jimmy's daughter Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg) is getting married, and the price for the wedding is close to fifty thousand dollars. Though his ex-wife Pam's arrogant second husband Roy (Jason Lee) offers to pay for the wedding, Jimmy is determined to find a way to come up with the money so that Roy will not humiliate him. Paul is worried that his wife Debbie (Rashida Jones) is cheating on him, so he sets up a secret video camera in a teddy bear. While Jimmy is selling a 1952 Andy Pafko baseball card to pay for the wedding, he is mugged by Dave (Seann William Scott), who steals his card and Paul's favorite gun. They find out that Dave is going to rob a house that night so they stake out the house to retrieve the card and gun. Jimmy and Paul arrest Dave and discover he has sold the card and gun for drugs.
Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada, 1h55
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Demián Bichir, Ana de la Reguera, Cecilia Suárez, Andrés Palacios, Juan Ignacio Aranda, Flavio Medina
Roles Josefa Quintana
Rating65% 3.2831353.2831353.2831353.2831353.283135
As punishment for his progressive ideas, the priest Miguel Hidalgo is forced to abandon his wife and children and sent by the ecclesiastical authority to a small town. There, in San Felipe Torres, he helps the local people and produces the stage play Tartuffe. He becomes an enemy of the traditional Puritan faction in the town for his liberal attitude and subversive tendencies.
DiDi Hollywood, 1h36
Directed by Bigas Luna
Genres Drama
Actors Elsa Pataky, Peter Coyote, Paul Sculfor, Flora Martínez, Ana de la Reguera, Leonardo García
Rating36% 1.83481.83481.83481.83481.8348
Fatiguée des opportunités sans lendemain, Diana décide de tenter sa chance à Miami dans le showbiz latino. De castings publicitaires en agents douteux, ses espoirs s'amenuisent lorsque s'offre à elle l'opportunité de s'envoler pour Hollywood. Là-bas, elle devra trouver en elle la force qui mène une étoile au sommet.
Paraíso travel, 1h57
Directed by Simon Brand
Origin Colombie
Genres Drama, Adventure, Romance
Actors Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Raúl Castillo, John Leguizamo, Ana de la Reguera, Jesús Ochoa
Roles Milagros Valdez
Rating70% 3.543023.543023.543023.543023.54302
Le film est une adaptation cinématographique du roman homonyme de l'écrivain colombien Jorge Franco Ramos, publié en 2002. Deux amoureux, Marlon et Reina, décident de quitter la Colombie pour les États-Unis. Mais leur voyage en tant que clandestins leur réserve de mauvaises surprises.
Sultanes del Sur
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Tony Dalton, Ana de la Reguera, Jordi Mollá
Roles Mónica Silvari
Rating61% 3.0557753.0557753.0557753.0557753.055775
The story begins with a robbery taking place in Mexico City. The band consists of Carlos, Leonardo, Monica and Leserio had agreed to travel to Argentina to launder money. Arriving in Buenos Aires are in a mob war in which someone takes the opportunity to steal the money and have to recover and give to those who wait.
Nacho Libre, 1h32
Directed by Jared Hess
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about children, Films about music and musicians, Films about religion, Sports films, Musical films, Buddy films, Children's films
Actors Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera, Troy Gentile, Moisés Arias, Héctor Jiménez, Peter Stormare
Roles Sister Encarnación
Rating58% 2.9018252.9018252.9018252.9018252.901825
Ignacio was the son of a Scandinavian Lutheran missionary and a Mexican deacon, who both died while Ignacio was young. Now a cook for the Oaxaca, Mexico monastery orphanage where he was raised, Ignacio dreams of becoming a luchador, but wrestling is strictly forbidden by the monastery. Ignacio cares deeply for the orphans, but his food is terrible due to being unable to obtain quality ingredients, which he cannot afford. Ignacio feels unfulfilled due to his desire to wrestle and his disdain for most of his orphanage duties, and struggles over his feelings for Sister Encarnación, a nun who teaches at the orphanage. One night, while collecting donated tortilla chips for the orphans, Ignacio is robbed of the chips by a street thief named Steven. After a fight ensues between the two, Ignacio decides to disregard the monastery's rules and become a luchador in order to make money. He convinces Steven to join him with the promise of remuneration if they win, and the two join a local competition as tag partners.
On the Edge, 1h50
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Ana de la Reguera, Ingrid Martz, Gabriela Platas, Alejandro Nones, Anna Ciocchetti, Rafael Amaya
Roles Lucía
Rating51% 2.5602052.5602052.5602052.5602052.560205
C'est l'histoire de trois jeunes femmes mexicaines, colocataires. Lucia (Ana de la Reguera), a une relation compliqué avec Mathias(Alejandro Nones): ils s'entendent très bien sexuellement mais le reste ne suit pas forcement comme le voudrait Lucia.